Swearing Ban

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Swearing Ban

Postby doclach » Wed Dec 03, 2008 6:08 pm

Due to people not being able to control their language in posts, there is now a swearing ban on the forum - No "F" or "C" at all basically.
It has been interesting to watch, as the 2 main times overt swearing is used has been:

1) Members talking themselves up and trying to sound tough and/or cool :roll:

2) People writing other forum members off

There are a lot of young readers of RT - adults and 'big kids' have many places to go, but the young groms very few.

If you feel you 'need' to , just put 4 * or #@%* .

If you can't articulate yourself without swearing.... don't post... simple. Usual story, members of the RT Forum community who can't find it in themselves to follow a simple guideline will be banned by the RTF office. This forum is a face of Riptide magazine which supports the BodyBoarding community and its many and varied members of all ages and gender. Let's make it a welcoming and constructive place for everyone, not for personal agendas.
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