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Riptide Forum Rules

Postby riptideslave » Wed Jan 21, 2009 10:50 am

Actions Prohibited:
- Mistreating any members
- Posting of negative threads
- No use of the words outlined in the swearing ban nor excessively overusing other swear words in your posts
- Posting virus/hacks
- Posting links to porn or obscene websites
- Posting pictures of obscene things
- Making usernames to imitate other members OR Having multiple accounts OR giving out passwords.
- Spamming/Flooding
- Posting useless topics/polls
- Posting topics/polls in wrong categories
- Spamming to people with Personal Messages
- Sending PMs with advertisements (your site, messageboard, etc.)
- Any form of obtrusive advertising on any part of the site. (If you want to advertise, please contact Riptide HQ about rates)
- Do not post a topic, if there's another similar topic already active
- Putting ridiculously large picture(s) in your signature/for your avatar
- Posting numerous amount of smilies in your post
- Continuously quote posts
- Any involvement of rule breaking or sabotage (such as Spam Attacks) on other forums, will jeopardize your membership here as much as it should there.
- Posting sensitive information of other members or people such as phone numbers and postal addresses.

- Warnings (depending of level of actions done)
- Posts deleted
- User deletion
- User Banning
- IP banning

Actions Encouraged:
- Making intelligent, well thought-out posts
- Being funny without being stupid or annoying
- Respecting one another's opinions
- Not being aggressive over others opinions or actions
- Using correct spelling and grammar
- Generally being a mature and helpful member

Other Rules:
- Accounts with 0 posts will be deleted every few months
- Try to use the search function to find things before posting to prevent many similar topics
- When MODs deem that you are bringing down the general atmosphere and "good" of the forum, you are subject to banning.
Riptide HQ.
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