Liam Shapcott (DK) New Zealand

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Liam Shapcott (DK) New Zealand

Postby doclach » Wed Sep 16, 2009 10:36 pm

With thanks to Kyron for forwarding me Liam's contact after the NZ crew said he was a solid DK'er to chase up, it is with Jack Stance pleasure we bring you Liam Shapcott. Originally from the land of the long white cloud and now residing on the Goldy, Liam isn't afraid to look at the lighter side of himself or those around him. Be sure to check out the youtube clip at the end!
(As always with the DK interviews thx to Dane Pope for chipping in with the questions)

Interview by Doc and Dane

D & D: You’re originally from New Zealand Liam. What were your local waters there and how would you describe the NZ DK scene?

LS: SSC Reprazent! I grew up in a place that I call Cheer Cheer or Christchurch. Born and raised on my playground was where I spent most of my days stealing milk... Funny that, we use to always grab the full cream milk from people’s letter boxes and scull it on the walk home from one of my mates houses (had been dropped off by the milk man) My mates and I all lived really close to each other on a spit of sand, it was called “The Spit” funnily enough, surrounded by water. Estuary on the one side and the beach of a million memories on the other. My house was the pick to just hang out between surfs eating toast and drinking the left over milk. The mouth to the estuary was, on its day the best wave in Christchurch long rights and lefts would break over a shallow sand bank a good 800m paddle out of the beach. This wave pushed my Dropknee so much further in the grommet years. It was such a unique place to be brought up, people I went to school with in the city didn’t even know it existed!

New Zealand DK scene? If there was one then that would have been a good thing. There was I suppose a DK event in a few comps here and there but you’d only have say one entrant. Two if you’re lucky. So a few of us that enjoyed getting up on the knee would do just that but enter in the open divisions and get up! The boys that Dropkneed in New Zealand when I was growing up, did it purely for the love of how it feels not because it’s so freak'n cool looking if done correctly, or it could look like you’re taking a dump on your board (giggles and laughter)…

D & D: How would you contrast the knee scene on the Goldy where you are now with your roots in NZ?

LS: Back home you could go away Bodyboarding for a weekend mish and totally score waves all over the place and not even see one other dude Dropknee let alone prone, it's that scarce and different to be a Dropkneer in NZ. Try and do that here and you end up surfing with 80 stand ups and 18 other Bodyboarders. The Dropknee scene here (well as long as I've been here) is somewhat steady. Meaning there is a small flow of riders. I guess with having a rider like Matt Lackey around probably opens people's eyes up and keeps them interested.

D & D: Ex-Tassie rider Kyron Rathbone gave me your contact, word on the street is that he’s a bit of a kook – would you agree? (haha – Kyron’s sick interview is here on the rippy forum at:
be sure to check his wipeout shot at 10ft Shippies)

LS: Kyron Rathbone is a kook totally! You wouldn’t believe what happened in Raro…

D & D: You’ve just been in the Cook Islands with Kyron, can you give us a rundown on the adventures of your trip?

LS: Adventure Number One - I get absolutely pumping 4ft Socials all day, to myself, my very first day. Kyron and the Saffa were on a later flight, surfing for an hour or so until dark.

Adventure Number Two. Morning of Day Two - Kyron is super keen on going for kite, probably a little too keen. As the wind was up he finds a place to launch his kite, goes out over the reef, easily 8foot of swell. Looks like he’s having fun, kites back into the crystal clear blue lagoon and decides to boost a back roll (with the kite doing a full loop too) he came unstuck and hit the water that fark’n hard on his ribs he busts them and time out for Kbone.

Adventure Number Three – Me and the Saffa get pumping waves the whole time and Kyron bails home early, full stop.

D & D: Age, Weight and height?

LS: Lived for 27 years, put on a whole 65 kgs in that time and grown to be a measly 174cm.

D & D: Where are you based?

LS: Hanging out here in Nobbys on the GC with all the cuzzy bro’s.

D & D: “What board(s) are you riding currently? Including core type and dimensions you are happy to give.

LS: Riding a QCD with good old Dow, double stringer and mesh.
Length: 41.5’’
Nose: 10.75’’
Nose to wide point: 18’’
Wide point: 20.75’’
Tail: 17.75’’

D & D: What’s your riding history – When, how and why did you start DK, how many years have you been riding for, which riders have influenced you most (additional to our DK ‘Statesmen’)?

LS: I wouldn’t say I’m just a Dropkneer or a prone guy. Its way more fun to do both I reckon. Love being Mr. versatile. I always have been...
Started to “get on up stay on the scene like a sex machine” when I was a wee fella around 13 if I remember. Got into it when I saw a guy named Pine Ross get a suuper sick barrel on the knee right in front of my 13 year old eyes at Tern street, couldn’t believe it and wanted to get one myself. Then I guess there was a time soon after I would just stare at all the Dropknee photos of guys like Teal Nippard and Ballard in the Rippies.

D & D: What boards have you had, what has been your favourite and why do you ride the unit you have now?

LS: All the boards I’ve been riding here in Aus and New Zealand have all been fairly similar. From the first NMD I had maybe ten years ago when Mez was shaping out of Auckland to the QCD boards I’m currently riding now have all been Dow and stringer combos, just the one stringer when I’m back home as Dow is ridicously stiff in the New Zealand winter. The best board I’ve had, well the board that made my Dropknee progress was a 41’’ BZ Maligs. Just a wicked versatile shape with flat bottom, helped me out in a big way, this is when I learnt to do Dropknee burn outs!

D & D: Fins – how crucial are they to your riding? which ones have you tried, which fins do you use and what do you think of them?

LS: Churka’s! Churchills all the way nothing bets them for the Knee, they have a good solid inside rail/edge for your front foot. Depends on your riding style really and what feels right for you.

D & D: What do you see as the premier DK event in 2009?

LS: The DK sessions looked good.

D & D: Some say the annual DK trip in the mags has gone a bit stale, what needs to happen for DK to catch the eye and progress?

LS: Riders need to get up in the heavy stuff, not the huge stuff but just solid waves. You can scoop on the knee too!

D & D: Thoughts on the current DK world tour? Is it a positive start or a crock?

LS: Have no idea; I’m not much of a comp follower.

D & D: Favourite Waves and why they’re faves?

LS: Hickory Bay (NZ) surfed there that much as it was the closest and only wedge that picks up south swell around my neck of the woods. Socials in Raro, funnist place to be a goofy Dropkneer I reckon.

D & D: Stamps in the passport and future travel plans.

LS: UK, Cooks, Peru, Indo. Oh better not forget Australia!

D & D: Ultimate surf trip - who would you take on your ultimate DK trip and where would you go?

LS: Warrick Murphy, He wouldn’t shut up if I didn’t. A long heavy left would be the go. The footage of Dub on that left in Puerto Rico looks awesome. That dessert left in South Aus has to be dropkneed.

D & D: Is a road trip more about the waves or the adventure? (car breakdowns, getting lost, bitten by insects, putting up with your ‘kook’ mates ..)

LS: The adventure of course! You can’t expect to get pumping waves without a little adventure. All starts when you leave the house hey.

D & D: What goes through your mind when you have chased down and checked a break for months and finally one day you rock up and it’s epic?

LS: Yeeeeeeaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh! see you out there Yeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

D & D: Biggest wipeout so far.

LS: New Castle harbor.

D & D: Fave photographer(s)

LS: Chris Garden he da man!
And Jack Sheard who in the last couple of months I’ve only just met. One keen as kid who is always taking photos.

D & D: Any tips for proners thinking of getting into DK?

LS: If you like getting loose then try it. You’ll have a ball trying to learn how to trim again. Just don’t expect to be pulling dropknee burn outs in a hurry.

D & D:Your future aspirations?

LS: To live with no regrets. Better to regret something you’ve at least tried weather you failed or not than regret something you didn’t.

D &D: Who would you like to thank for supporting you?

LS: Warrick Murphy the grom.

Thanks for your time Liam

Muchas Gracias.

A fun youtube clip of Liam:

Rider: Liam Shapcott by Jack Sheard

Rider: Liam Shapcott by Jack Sheard

Rider: Liam Shapcott by Jack Sheard

Rider: Liam Shapcott by Jack Sheard

Rider: Liam Shapcott by Jack Sheard
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