Robert "Bobby" Kithcart DK USA (California)

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Robert "Bobby" Kithcart DK USA (California)

Postby doclach » Sun Oct 11, 2009 1:30 pm

We'd like to welcome another Cali shredder to the ranks of the Riptide Forum, Robert Kithcart. The Internationals section is bustling with fresh breaks, shots and stories to keep us amped, as our overseas brothers and sistas fill us in on what is going down in their end of town. This time we're heading to Redondo Beach to see what Bobby has been up to:

Doc: Hey Bobby, tell us where you're from and what are your local waters these days?

BK: Greetings. I am from Redondo Beach, California and tend to surf most spots in South Los Angeles.

Doc: what mix of Prone and DK are you riding?

BK: I used to do both equally, but within the last year, have been more focused on dropknee. I tend to dropknee about seventy percent of the time and prone the other thirty percent.

Doc: What boards are you running in your current quiver and what are your current faves?

BK: I have a 41” Chad Barba shape, a 41.75” David Hubbard shape, and a 42” Paul Roach shape, all of which are Custom-X PMA customs. At the moment I’d have to say the 42” Roach board is my absolute favorite.

Doc: What dimensions and core compositions are you finding hot for your riding at the moment?

BK: I like variety. I have experimented with Dow/Mesh combos and absolutely love the flex those boards produce. At the moment my most used board has a beaded polypro core. It has the perfect amount of flex-not too stiff, yet, not to flexible- and can definitely take a beating.

Doc: And how about accessories – leash, fins and wetsuits?

BK: I use Custom-X bicep leashes. I tend to switch back and forth between vipers and bluntcuts. I have no wetsuit preference really, just as long as it is durable and free of holes.

D.O.B height and weight?

D.O.B. 1/16/89
Height: 5’9”
Weight: 192 Lbs.

Doc: Fave breaks – local and overseas?

BK: My favorite local breaks include Manhattan pier and Topaz jetty that rarely get good. There are some local reefs and random wedges that get fun. My favorite wave overseas would have to be a beachbreak in Mainland Mex.

Doc: What would be the biggest wave you’ve taken on?

BK: Probably double overhead+ Redondo Breakwall two winters ago on a big North West swell. Waves literally jumped from 2 to nearly 20 feet on the face within a day. This particular breakwall by my house is one of the only spots in my locale that can manage waves overhead high. Really fun, big left triangle peaks breaking off the wall. No channel and lots of water moving meant. Scary times.

Doc: And what’s the toughest wave you’ve hit up?

BK: Locally, some of the reefs near my home. Hikes and locals can be a hassle, especially when going through all that trouble on land doesn’t necessarily pay off in the water. Pipe is definitely the most difficult wave I’ve ever surfed.

Doc: Do you have a crew you hang with in the water?

BK: My younger brother always cruises with me. Most of my best friends are from Manhattan and all surf the pier.

Doc: What’s the maddest roadtrip you’ve been on?

BK: One week trip through Baja Mexico a couple years ago. Nothing too crazy. Was an overall great learning experience and good to cover distance on the road.

Doc: Best boat trip?

BK: In my dreams. Hopefully some day.

Who are some of your fave photogs?

BK: Aichner, Gallagher, Scotty Carter, Flindt

Doc: Board history – any chance you can remember and name the boards you have had under you over time? Fave ride ever of all of them?

BK: No way I could remember all the boards I’ve ever owned. The two that stick out the most in my mind are my 39” Jeff Hubbard Bat Tail (first high performance boogie) and 41” Custom-X Barba shape custom.

Doc: Scariest moment on the boog?

BK: Scariest moment would have to be a shark encounter in Hawaii a couple years ago. Super eerie feeling as my friend and me paddled out to a really lonely spot. We were about five feet apart from each other and both our legs got brushed by something simultaneously. We paddled in immediately and found out why people don’t paddle out there too often from one of the locals hahaaa.

Doc: What do you love most about the BB culture?

BK: It’s pretty eclectic. Although there are tons of people who boogie for the wrong reasons, I have met some of the most unique, genuine people who I never would have met had I not been a bodyboarder. Definitely a more diverse group of people than the surfing community, at least where I live. Personally I don’t think bodyboarding needs a “culture”. If you’re stoked on it and it gives you what you want than that’s all you need. No one else can reinforce that or give you that feeling but you.

Doc: What do you reckon BB needs most at the moment?

BK: I’m not going to speak on behalf of the bodyboard culture but I personally love to bodyboard because I love the feeling it gives me. I don’t ever let clothes or people’s perception of what looks good or bad get in my way. Keep it real. That’s worked for me. I guess bodyboarders, like surfers, need to realize that riding a certain type of board doesn’t make you any better than the next guy. It’s all wave riding.

Doc: Who would you like to give a shout-out to?

BK: My parents and family for always driving me to the beach when I was a kid, all the mentors at my local break who taught me how to bodyboard, and my sponsors, and Riptide for conducting this interview. THANKS!

And finally who are your sponsors?

BK: Custom-X, RXYM clothing, Alternative Surf Shop.

Thanks so much for your time Bobby

Knizzle pics:

1. Bobby Kithcart by Ted Slaughter

2. Bobby KIthcart by Matthew Byzak

3. Bobby Kithcart by Matthew Byzak

4. Bobby Kithcart by Nick Aren’t

5. Bobby Kithcart by Chase Curry

6. Bobby Kithcart by Chase Curry
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Re: Robert "Bobby" Kithcart DK USA (California)

Postby guymurphy101 » Sun Oct 11, 2009 5:07 pm

i think i've seen this guy before :) he is about to cop a nice shack in number 1
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