Dave Winchester has won the Knights Beach Pro – again!

Dave Winchester has won the 2010 Knights Beach Pro

South Australia’s Knight’s Beach delivered some heavy wedges for the weekend’s comp. Take a look at this vid of all the action.


Here’s what the winner, Mr Dave Winchester had this to say about the comp, “A last minute decision turned out to be a positive one on my behalf. With the jetlag still hanging around I jumped on a plane to South Australia for the Knights Beach Pro.

I ended up winning the contest for the second time in three years. There were some heavy conditions today at Knights, but the best thing I saw was the new comp format being used.

They tried the new ”proposed” format for next year’s World Tour and I think it was a great success. The format starts with a 32 man draw, 8 x 4 man heats. Winner goes to Round 4, 2nd goes to Round 3, and 3rd and 4th battle it off in a man-on-man repechage heat in Round 2. This means everyone surfs twice and really giving everyone equal opportunity to go well.

Mitch Rawlins proved this worked by gaining 3rd in his first heat, but then made it all the way to the man-on-man semi final, leaving him with a equal third.

I think it’s the way to the future and hope all comps will go in this direction. Anyway next stop now is the Western Australian contest in a week’s time.” – from davewinchester.com.

Mitch Rawlins
added this: “This past weekend I headed down to Knights Beach in South Australia for the Heatworks Pro, the fourth stop on the Australian Tour. The event ended up being a huge success. The natural amphitheatre that overlooks Knights Beach and its heavy left hand wedges was a perfect place for the few hundred spectators to watch the action unfold, and with plenty of big airs and lots of crazy wipeouts the crowd of supporters was never left bored or un-entertained.

I made it to the the Semi Finals where I was knocked out by Dave Winchester, who went on to win the event. Although I would of like to of made the Final, I was happy with where I placed considering it has been quite some time since I last competed. All in all it was a great event and the staff did a wonderful job in making this years Knights Beach Pro bigger and better than last year’s, which seems to be the way this contest is heading every year.” – for more from Mitch head to mitchrawlins.com.

Finally, here’s the official press release:


Dave Winchester has become the first person to win the Heatworks Pro at Knights – twice

The crowd awoke to one of the biggest swells of the year in Victor Harbor, with Knights dishing out some big six-foot monsters. With the amount of water moving in the line up, many of the competitors lost heats simply because there was not enough time to break through the walls of white water to get out the back.

Despite the huge swell resembling a washing machine in the morning, the conditions quickly improved and there were plenty of hefty air bowls for the competitors to showcase their skills. Mitch Rawlins set the standard early with a huge attempt at an invert on a five-foot closeout in the testing conditions.

The power in the waves and the thickness of the lips made the landings extremely hard, so while everybody was going huge, big scores were few and far between due to incomplete maneuvers. Riders that were sticking the landings were Nathan Branch and Dave Winchester, notching up the highest wave scores of the day.

Daniel Worsley perhaps provided us with the highlight of the day, needing a big score in the last minute of his heat against Michael Novy. 20 seconds to go and Worsley scooped in to a mutant five-foot closeout, going right and completing a huge ARS (Air Roll Spin). While Worsley was going big, Winchester was also dominating his way through the quarterfinals and landed a huge invert before going on to flip out the end bowl, which resulted in an 8.7 This set up the dream semi final, with two of the world’s best bodyboarders, Rawlins and Winchester, going hell for leather when the waves were at their best. In a classic semi final, which would be remembered for years to come, Winchester prevailed leaving the ‘Rock Dog’ to lament what could have been.

Worsley over came Corey McLean in the other Semi, and the two best riders of the competition were set to duel it on in some five-foot bombs for the final of the Heatworks Pro.

In an inconsistent final, Winchester dominated the heat and came through victorious as the Heatworks Pro champion for the second time.

Asked about the conditions, Winny said “It was really tough out there, when you cop one on the head it really takes it out of you, so when you cop five on the head its really tiring!”

“I’m just so glad I made the effort to come down here, Its such a great event and I’m really looking forward to coming back next year, its just awesome every year.”

Knights turned it on again this year with the biggest waves so far in its history, and the countdown has already started for next year.

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