South African Contrast

Pencil in 15 minutes of your day to take some time out and watch this incredible short movie, Contrast. (Jerry boosting like a mad man, Dre taking on the Devil’s Horn, plus much more!)

Cheers to Greg Fraser for filming this epic clip! Here’s a little background on Contrastby Greg:


Originally Contrast was a half hour film I made from my inherent love for the unique individual art form of bodyboarding, and my own country. Released originally on DVD to local enthusiasts, now re-edited into a shorter, web film. Take into account when viewing it is not sponsored by any energy drink or any corporates. South Africans can’t live a normal life on an average salary like people in other countries, which means cameras, jetskis and standard travel and exploration is very difficult to make happen (unless you come here with better currency and companies). This film made me no profit, it actually cost me much time and most of my savings. I often ask myself why did I not use my media ability to rather film mainstream extreme sports, things that would bring me gain, ’cause there’s enough of that and I don’t have a helicopter or a phantom cam and at least it is not full of corporate branding which I feel is quite nice. One love. Thank YAHWEH and people who like this.


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