Hawaii Mobbcast

The Jersey Mobb are in for the long haul.
Thanks to Kalen Foley and The Jersey Mobb.  They’ve also sent through some recent shots of the Banzai.  Enjoy and don’t forget to give them a like on Facebook here.

RIptide Hawaii2013Small-AlexDoane1
RIptide Hawaii2013Small-AlexDoane3
RIptide  LukeO Hawaii2013Small-KalenFoley6
RIptide Tamega Hawaii2013Small-KalenFoley8
RIptide Tamega Hawaii2013Small-KalenFoley4
RIptide Hubb Hawaii2013Small-KalenFoley5
RIptide Hawaii2013Small-KalenFoley9
RIptide Hawaii2013Small-KalenFoley3

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