Youth – Elliot Williams

We get to know the Kingscliff native.
Those of you who have laid eyes on Riptide #195 may recall that the explosive reverse above you belongs to Elliot Williams, as shot by Jye McDonald just south of the Queensland and New South Wales border (those who haven’t can preview it HERE). 

We decided that we’d like to bring you more than just the best youth shots kickin’ around – we want to introduce you to the young guns behind them. With that in mind, we got Elliot Williams over the wire and found out a little bit more about the man. Enjoy!

All imagery: Jye McDonald. 

RT – Firstly, congratulations on your efforts in the Queensland State Titles. How’d you enjoy those two events this year?
EW – Thanks mate! The waves were pretty shocking for both events, but I love competing so it’s always fun. Surfing Qld took over the events this year which gave them lot more media coverage than what you would usually see for a bodyboarding state round. After winning the first event I got a few newspaper write ups and a news interview, so that was cool. I also picked up a new sponsor and now I’m riding for Inverted Bodyboard store! 

Tell us a little bit about where you grew up, where you first started riding, that sort of thing. 
I grew up in Kingcliff just south of the border and started riding just around the beachies and the reef. From there I just stayed out at the reef all the time which was sick. It’s only a small coastal town near the Goldy, but far enough away to not have the whole “Goldy scene”, and all that.


How have you found it trying to make a name for yourself in a region as swollen with riders as the Gold Coast?
When I was younger it was pretty frustrating not knowing anyone from the GC, because you didnt know who to talk to about getting anywhere in the industry. I just did my own thing untill I was about 16 and started doing the Gold Coast Bodyboarding Club monthly events. Without trying to sound too much like a fuckwit, I think because everyone from the GC had to come into Kingy, I was just that local kid that everyone had the shits with, which in a way helped out! 


Are you keen on giving the World Tour a shot? How viable do you think it is these days for a young rider such as yourself to be chasing the Tour?
Yeah the world tour would be sick! I think everyone would like to have a crack at it, regardless of what they may say about it. Financially, if you’ve got sponsors backing you and you shred, by all means get amongst the tour, but unless there’s some drastic changes to its structure it’s all its looking quite grim. 


What’s your favourite break and why?
Just the local reef I’d say. Mainly because it’s so versatile with conditions and you always know everyone out there!

Any particularly funny stories of your youthful antics on the road you’d like to share with us?
Aww… I dont think they’re very appropriate for Riptide’s viewers (laughs)!


Shame! What’s your plans for the next twelve months?
The next twelve months….surf, work, travel and just get some nice waves really. I’d like to do it all now as much as I can, before I have real bills to pay and real life to deal with.

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