Riptide #196

6 of 6 – 2013Riptide 196

Riptide’s 196th instalment features not one, but two breathtaking and exotic landscape covers – that’s bang for your buck in anyone’s language. Not only do you get that of the print mag – an unknown rider slotted at a dream-like Mexican pointbreak – but you get a copy of the ROAM Diaries DVD, Nomad Bodyboards latest film in the stellar ROAM series. There’s a distinct travel theme running through #196 – the tagline “Forever Searching” on the cover a hint at its trip-inspiring intentions – but it’s also filled with profiles and interviews with some of bodyboarding’s most intriguing and oft-overlooked cats.

His Own Way – Rob Laurie is a man on a mission

Notes From Nowhere – A rambling stream of consciousness from somewhere near West Timor

An Idiot’s Guide to the Americas – A few tips from the dark side of the globe
(with Tom Rigby and Dav Fox)

The Meaning of Life – Life and bodyboarding with Jim Simms, 70

Mick Parkhill – A lifetime in bodyboarding

Girls! Girls! Girls! – Three girls, three shots, three stories

The Other Guys – George Humphreys and Davis Blackwell

Bricks and Water – The importance of buying local

Stop the Boats – The Pride team tackle lesser-known Tahiti and talk about home

Paradise Lost! – Insert sensationalised tagline about “The Dark Side of Bali”
(with Cade Sharp and Nick Gornall)

Chasing the Beast – A rambling, rollicking ride from coast to coast in South Africa
(with Andre Botha and Josh Garner)

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