Riptide #197

Bodyboarder Of The Year – Jan/Feb – 2014

How fitting is the cover – 2013’s Riptide Bodyboarder of the Year, Ben Player, ruling the place where it all began decades ago – Whale Beach, New South Wales. Photog Steve Wall tells us it looked as if Benny had no clear line to the lip at all, but somehow managed to make it to the top to launch this stunning flip. “I don’t reckon many people would’ve managed to make anything out of that section,” Steve says. “It was pretty impressive.” Damn straight.

Nothing and Everything – Joe Clarke, Curtis Prior and Greg Vorster explore Canada.

Locking Horns – Inside the private life of Dave Hubbard.

Riptide 2013 Bodyboarder of the Year awards

Beneath the Surface – Changing tides and fortunes on a turbulent coast (remote Indo).

Pleasure and Pain – The world’s funnest wave and the world’s strongest typhoon in the Philippines.


165 Days – The Gold Coast’s Jimmy Williamson guides you through van life.

Trashed – How heeding one simple message can help preserve your local.

Coach Hardballs – Ryan Hardy deconstructs the perfect air reverse.

Ken’s Place – Ken Nakatsugawa is big in Japan.

Riders of the Lost Art – What ever happened to stand-up bodyboarding?

Riptide Summer Threads 2014

POSTER – Lewy Finnegan at The Right / Ben Player at Whale Beach


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