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Postman Pat and his black-and-white cat!
Above: Pat got wings. Photo: Luka Manson

The latest wunderkind to spring from the Riptide print pages’ Youth section is Kiama’s Pat McDonald, 18. He was one of two riders from Youth 197 that hails from the South Coast, NSW – the other was South Durras’ Marli Dunn (read his Youth profile here). With issue 198 just around the corner, who will the next four young stars be? Oh yeah, here’s our chat with Pat:

RT: What have you been up to of late? What do you have planned for 2014, bodyboarding-wise?
PM: I’ve pretty much just been working heaps. I’ve got a full-time job so I’ve just been surfing before and after work and on weekends if there are waves around. I’m looking to head overseas this year. I’m not sure where to go just yet, but I’ll be definitely be going on a trip to South Oz.

Pat McDonald
Postman Pat. Photo: Tyson Wickham.

Would you say you’re “chasing it” or just kinda cruising and simply keen on having fun with your booging?
I wouldn’t say I’m chasing it, like, I never planned to try and make the World Tour, I just like scoring sick waves with my mates and just simply having fun in the water.

Pat in the blue room. Photo: Mitch Coslovich

What about outside of bodyboarding – have you just finished school/still there? Got any plans for uni, or wanna nail a decent job or anything like that?

Yeah, I finished school in 2012. I did my HSC and I went alright, but I wasn’t into going to uni. I had a couple of months off and just surfed every day, but now I’ve been working for nearlly a year driving machines (excavators, bobcats, etc.). It’s a really fun job, I enjoy it a lot.

What’s it like being a bodyboarder on the South Coast, for those who haven’t been? Is it a paradise with all the waves down there, or can it become a bit of a circus at times? Is it hard to stand out with so much talented crew down there?
Kiama’s a pretty good place to live. There are heaps of kids that bodyboard around here but when they hit about 16 a lot of them choose to ride surfboards, which is still fun. Not many guys my age ride lids, but down the coast is good if you know where to go on the right swells and winds. At Blackrock and Nuggan you know you’re always going to have dudes out, which is fair enough because they’re really good waves.

Who are the best guys from down there do you think? What about in general, which bodyboarders inspire you the most/are your all-time favourites?
There are only two guys around here that have been really ripping lately – Todd Mcrorie and Daniel Thompson. The pro bodyboarder who inspires me most would have to be Mitch Rawlins. Growing up watching all the Tension videos and now Killer Days, he’s just such a powerful rider in anything from two-to-10-foot waves. He already knows what he’s going to do on wave before he even gets it sometimes. He’s definitely an idol of mine.

How’d you describe your riding at the moment? What do you need to work on? Do you go alright in big waves?
I can’t really tell you what my riding is like at the moment. It feels like I’m surfing alright, but you have to ask one of the guys I surf with a lot like Tyson Wickham. Surfing big waves hasn’t been a big thing to me, but now I see guys like Lewy and George charging big West Oz and I wish I could get the chance to go surf those waves. That would be sick.

Photo: Mitch Coslovich.

Have you travelled much out of the South Coast – around Oz or overseas? Where are you most keen to venture to next?
Nah, I haven’t actually travelled around Oz yet. I’m super keen to though! My next trips would be Tahiti, Java, Samoa and Ireland.

What are your interests outside of booging? Do you have a chick? What’s the SC like for going out, girls, doing other stuff when the waves are shithouse?
Nah I don’t have a chick [laughs]. Going out pretty much sucks around here. Every guy pretty much wants to fight and be annoying. I enjoy four-wheel-driving. I take my car a lot when the waves are shit. It’s super fun camping out in the bush and exploring tracks and stuff.

Photo: Luka Manson.

Describe your typical day at the moment?
Wake up, work eight hours and then surf [laughs]. Pretty simple really.

Any last words?
Shout outs to my mates Luka Manson and Tyson Wickham for the photos in the mag, and Rossi Bodyboards and Flipmode for sponsoring me.

Some of PM’s recent shredding.

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