Youth – Cameron Green

The Green Machine talks life and Tassie bodyboarding.
Above: Cam and the shot that made the print pages – last rites at Shipsterns. Photo: Mathew Tildesley.

It’s always a pleasure getting some Tasmanian love in our pages because they’re such a hardy breed. Take Cremorne Beach’s Cameron Green, 21, here for example. See our previous Youth interview, South Durras’ Marli Dunn, here

Cam-Green cam-green
Photo: Pussy Town. Yeah, he explains later.

RT: Tell us about that air drop [above]? Did you get smoked?

The shot you guys ran of the air drop at Shippies was the first surf I’d had out there in a while. It hasn’t really been breaking plus I missed a few days due to work. Anyway, yeah, that one wave I guess you could say I got smoked. I tweaked my shoulder a little and got a bit of a beatdown, but nothing serious. 

We ran the photo credit as Pussy Town… explain?
[Laughs] yeah, the photo credit for the lifestyle shot you ran that Harley [Ward] took. Pussytown is just everyone’s nickname for him down here. Nah not really. It’s just kind of a joke between myself, Harley and a few others. Basically we give each other shit about being pussies. Harley took that photo and he didn’t know it was getting printed ’til he saw the mag.

Photo by Stu Gibson

Please mind the step. Another angle of Cameron’s Youth-inducting wave. Photo: Stu Gibson.

Do you get out to the ‘Stern often? When did you first have a surf out there, how big have you scored it and how intimidating is the place?
I try and get down to there most swells, although there haven’t really been any for quite a while. I think i first surfed it in 2009 and since then I’ve seen some crazy days down there! Being in the water when its like 12-foot-plus is pretty fucking scary. I myself haven’t really got one that size and it’s definitely an intimidating place, even on smaller days. Charles Ward caught the biggest wave I’ve ever seen a bodyboarder ride a few years ago. The thing was ridiculous!

Do you think the surf media gets a bit Shippies-centric sometimes? How good is the Tassie coast for waves and is it pretty easy to be on or fickle and a little tough to find the gems?
Yeah, I guess you could say that, but really it’s what put Tassie on the map for waves or at least big waves. So you have to except it to keep getting lots of attention in the media. Tassie has some sick waves besides Shipsterns and a lot of the time they’re shit, but on their day they’ll be some of the funnest waves I’ve surfed. The East Coast has a few fun reefs and down south there’s usually one beachie that has good sand at any given time.

photo by Ben Harney
The sky’s the limit in Tassie. Photo: Ben Harney.

For people who don’t know much about the Tassie booging scene, tell us what it’s like? There’s obviously some talent coming out of there right now like the Wards and Thomas brothers, would you say the level of riding has been on the improve there in recent times?
The Tassie booger scene is pretty tight and everyone gets along rather well. There isn’t heaps of us, but I guess you could say that’s a good thing! The comp scene is pretty dismal, but we manage to have at least the State Titles most years and the last two of those have had fun waves. The level of riding in Tassie is always on the improve. Harley has been ripping lately and surfing so much I don’t actually know how he puts so many hours in the water. It could be something to do with him surfing with Jeremy Faulds a fair bit, who will also sit out in the water from sun up to sun down [laughs].
Who are the main guys killing it down there at the moment?
Harley Ward, Jeremy Faulds, Charles Ward and Matt Jack. Matt had some problems with his ears and after multiple surgeries and eight years out of the water he has recently been given the all-clear to get back in the water. He has been surfing really well and it’s epic to see him back bodyboarding!

Photo by Geoff Swan
Invert. Now with cliffs! Photo: Geoff Swan.

What about personally, who are the bodyboarders that have influenced you the most from Tassie and also just in general i.e. your all-time favourite riders?
Probably just the guys I hang out with and go surfing with the most. But in terms of influence again Harley and Charles Ward. They pretty much got me into bodyboarding and I think I’ve learnt the most from them, watching them surf over the years. We all push each other in the surf and have a good time doing it. I don’t really have an all-time favourite rider. There are lots of guys I look up to, but too many to name. 
Would you say it’s much harder to get your foot in the door as a Tasmanian bodyboarder compared to those on the mainland, in terms of getting noticed, sponsors etc.? Are the bulk of Tassie riders “chasing it” in this way, or are most content to score good waves with mates without trying to do the pro thing?
That’s a hard question. I think the answer is both yes and no in its own way. It’s good because there aren’t so many bodyboarders in Tassie so I guess you stand out more, but at the same time because there isn’t a lot of focus on Tassie in the bodyboarding scene companies might instead pick a rider from the mainland who they’re more familiar with – someone they think will get more attention or publicity. I don’t know if there are many that aspire to be professional bodyboarders [from Tassie] because, let’s be honest, the way the industry and “tour” is at the moment it seems pretty much impossible. If things change though there are a number of guys down here who’d be able to make it to that level if they pushed themselves.

Photo by Andy Chizza
There’s no such thing as too much Shipsterns. Photo: Andrew Chisholm.

What about yourself – it seems you’re skilled on both the boog and with a camera in hand. What kind of ratio do you have of booging/filming and what are your goals for each?
I try and surf as much as I can but I just make the decision on what to do based on how I’m feeling. I’ve been doing a bit of stuff on local surfer Marti Paradisis for Surfing Australia so I’ve had to miss a few session due to that, but it’s all good. I enjoy filming and most times I’ll usually do both. Plus my feet have been killing me lately. I’ve got these weird growths on them from wearing flippers and after a day or two of surfing they ache pretty bad and make surfing painful which sucks. I’ve also been doing a few weddings and stuff lately and later in the year I hope to get a bit of a business up and running. This is what I’d like to do in the future for work. It’s something I’ve always had an interest in and I enjoy the work. As far as bodyboarding goes I wanna chase waves around Tassie as much as possible and go in any comps we have down here this year.
Do you have any big video projects coming up soon?
Not really. I’ve got a bit of footage of myself from the past few years, which I’ve been meaning to put together, but I’ve been too busy. So hopefully you’ll get to see that within the next few weeks. Apart from that I’m working on a few more episodes on Marti, which go on my if anyone wants to have a look at the first one [click here to check out the clip].
Who are your biggest influences in making vids?
I’d like to say no one because there isn’t anyone specifically I try to draw my influences from with making videos. I’ve always loved stuff by guys in the bodyboarding industry like Todd Barnes and Chris White. They have completely different styles of editing, but they’re both so epic in in their own ways. Those guys are geniuses!

Charles Ward 12/13. Some of Cameron’s recent video handiwork.

What’s your hometown like growing up as a bodyboarder and just a young fella in general e.g. going out, girls, shit to do etc?
I live in a little suburb called Cremorne. It’s pretty cool. We have a lagoon and a beach. There are rarely waves, but the point gets fun for a standup when there’s a big swell. Ten minutes down the road are the local beach breaks at south arm, plus a few rebounding wedges and whatnot, so it’s sick living so close to them. Going out in Tassie is pretty funny. You can count the number of clubs on one hand, but we usually have a mad time! When there isn’t any waves there’s not heaps to do. We’ve got some fun skate parks and stuff like that. You can usually always find someone that doesn’t have work and is keen to try find something to do.
What are your plans in general for the next few years e.g. Are you at uni, working, what do you wanna do as a career etc.? Have you travelled much and do you have plans to travel?
Plans for this year are work and surf as much as possible until July and then me, Harley and a few others are planning on a trip to Mexico and the USA so that should be epic. I’ve done two seasons in Hawaii and I’m spewing I’m not there this year, but I have to save my money! I’ve been to Indo a fair bit and wouldn’t mind getting back there, but Mexico comes first [laughs]. Career-wise, at the moment I work in the local bottle shop, which is pretty good, really chill and they don’t mind me swapping around shifts in favour of the waves which helps. Then I do film work on the side – weddings as I said and when the football season starts back up I film State League games for the clubs and tribunal, which is good traveling money. Once I’m back from overseas I wanna get some new camera gear and try and get the business up and running!

Any last words?
Harley’s a pussy.

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