Youth – Oscar Garcia

From Spain to Australia, Oscar is briging the good vibes.
Above: Oscar inverts, as seen in Riptide printed paper (197). Photo: Yago Llaneza

Oscar is a 23-year-old from Gijon in Spain and is the fourth and final Youth rider for Riptide issue 197 (see number #3, South Coast NSW’s Pat McDonald here). We’ll let him Oscar take it from here.

 MG 5725-copy
Oscar. Photo: Yago Llaneza.

I’m from the North Coast of Spain, Asturias – a place full of green and snowy montains in winter and good weather in summer. I grew up in a small town, Gijon, which doesn’t have good waves for bodyboarding. It’s only really good three or four times per year.

I’ve been bodyboarding since I was 14 years old. I’m 24 now so I’ve been doing it for 10 years and it’s only the beginning. I just do it for love of the waves and nature. Apart from that it’s the good times I always have with my friends when we’re on a trip. It’s also awesome to meet people from everywhere who have the same passion for the waves that you do.

Yago Llaneza14112012- MG 3527
Photo: Yago Llaneza

We have many beachbreaks on the North Coast, but the sand banks are hardly ever good and sometimes you won’t get good waves for bodyboarding more than once a month. The other problem is that we don’t have too many slabs so you have to drive everywhere to find the right place in the right moment or you are fucked [laughs]. The positive side is that you’re near other countries like France, Portugal and the UK so if you save a litle money you could drive and on the same day you could get good beachbreaks in France or very good slabs in Ireland for example.

I’ve been traveling around Europe since I was 16 and I’ve been to Portugal, France, Brittany, UK, and Canary Islands. A few months ago I arrived here in Australia. My girlfriend and I are living in Kings Cross because she has to go to college to study English every day after work. I’m working in construction, plenty of hours every day to save as much money as I can to buy a van in a couple of weeks. Then we’ll start a trip down through NSW, then the south coast and finally the West Coast. We’re very stoked!

IMG 1238
Oscar in Oz. Photo: Mike McArthur

It’s a really beautiful country, but expensive too. The rent for a flat is very expensive compared to my country. For example, you might pay $400 for a unit here, but in my country you’ll pay 400 euros for the whole month. Aside from that the waves I’ve surfed are amazing and the people are really humble and friendly so I love Australia.

There are a very good crew of bodyboarders at my local in Spain. We have a very good rivermouth that, when the sandbanks are really good, is a world-class wave and all of these guys are there when it happens – Pablo, Juan, Rafa, Spook, Juanp, Jandrin, Isasi, Makako and many others like Tirito and Elias who travel around the world when they have enough money to do it. I learnt everything I know thanks to all of these guys. There is also a couple of very good photographers and filmmakers like Yago Llaneza, Chamux and Diego Heres (Black sea Factory) who are doing really well and help all the bodyboarders of our little province.

Yago Llaneza22092013- MG 2422
Photo: Yago Llaneza

My favorite bodyboarder has always been Ryan Hardy. His style is amazing. It’s a pity he hasn’t won a World Title because for me he’s one of the best bodyboarders in history. Also Jase Finlay is a very complete rider. I met him in Ireland when the Zion team was filming The Viking and he’s also a very good person. I watched him killing the waves every session in very extreme conditions.

When I’m out of the water I like to ride my bike, go walking everywhere… I’m not the type of person who’s training in the gym or something like that. Most of the time I’m near the sea so when the swell’s not hitting I like to spent time with my family and with my friends.

Yago-Llaneza07092013- MG 1094
Photo: Yago Llaneza

It’s harder than every to become a professional bodyboarder in Europe. It has always been difficult, but now the strong recession makes it nearly impossible. All the small shops are in the worst situation ever. It’s really difficult to find a job so if you don’t have one you couldn’t save enough money to travel and it’s worse if you wanna make the tour. Unfortunately my mum’s shop closed when she was nearly 50 years old so you can imagine it was really difficult for her to find another job. I was working in a big department store, but when the big recession started I got fired and after that I had a lot of trouble finding another job. The people in Australia aren’t faced with this fortunately. They have plenty of opportunities for different jobs.

I don’t know where I’ll be in five years’ time, but for sure I’ll have my bodyboard under my arm. At the moment I simply try to live life making the most out of each and every day.

Yago-Llaneza26092012- MG 1069
Photo: Yago Llaneza

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