Riptide #200

200 Hours – Jul/Aug – 2014


A special occasion calls for a special issue.

As per the brief I’m typing these words on Sunday, April 20 not long before midday with a mix of fear, pride and wonder. About 199 hours ago we launched one of the ballsiest projects Riptide has ever undertaken. The plan was simple – we’d document eight days and eight hours consecutively across the globe to showcase how truly unique 200 hours in the bodyboarding world can be. Every story and image in this magazine was captured between 4am on Saturday, April 12 and midday on Sunday, April 20 and the submissions poured in from Queensland to Quebec.

The 200-hour period is about to finish and then the real work will begin, but we’re hoping this will become a time capsule – a snapshot of what bodyboarding means in 2014 as well as where it came from, and perhaps a glimpse at what the future might hold. 

Photo: Alex Ormerod


Pipeline? tick.


Arty landscape shots? tick.


Big airs? Tick.


Massive Bombs? Tick.


International action? Tick.


Oh, and a tidy A2 Nick Gornall Poster to stick on your wall!

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