Portuguese power!

Two new clips outta Portugal will remind you how much talent there is up north.
If you’d picked up a copy of Riptide #199 earlier this year you would’ve seen our feature on Portuguese bodyboarding, giving you some idea of the fierce passion, talent and quality waves contained by our Portuguese pals. Well, two new clips released this week ought to drive home the fact there’s something in the water up there. The first (above) features one of the country’s major young stars, Daniel Fonseca, who we think you’ll agree has the skills to match it internationally (also check out this gallery we posted yesterday that features a few shots of Daniel, taken by Rute Penedo/Wonderland Prod.). Thanks to Pedro Santos Ribeiro for the edit.

The second clip (below) is on an older fella named Diogo Liberas – better known as Malvas – who discusses his passion for booging and fishing, spliced with footage of him in dreamy pits or doing some big punts. We don’t see the whole interview/piece to camera type stuff in bodyboarding clips much in Oz, but when done right – as the Europeans often do – it can offer some pretty cool insights into a person, don’t you think? This one’s courtesy of Breathless Productions/David Ochoa.

Malvas – Fishing Waves