Jase Funklay

Is Jase Finlay the funkiest bodyboarder ever? Let Zion Wetsuits plead the case in this banger clip.
From Zion: “If anyone knows Jase Finlay they’ll know he’s one funky white man. He funks long and hard. When he walks he actually pops. His favourite game is Twister. When Jase goes to the cafe he orders the funkiest milkshake they have, and will drink that thing like it’s 1979…. Occasionally however, Jase does get down to business… only so he can get back to the business of gettin’ down. Jase Funklay – a funk odyssey.” We think that roughly translates to “Jase Finlay has been absolutely tearing the bag lately, as you’ll see in this brand new clip”. Cut by Maddog.

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