Riptide 2014 Heaviest Wave of the Year

Yeah, you’re gonna wanna see this. Presenting the Top 10.
Always a fan favourite – here are the Reader Poll-picked Top 10 heaviest waves of the year. Sure, there were plenty of others that could’ve easily slotted into this list, but you guys and gals have spoken and these are the waves that have captured your attention over the past 12 months. Over the past few days we’ve rolled out the Top 5 in the Grom and Women’s Bodyboarder of the Year (check out the clips below). We’ll be teasing the rest of the categories’ top-voted nominees over the new few days in the lead-up to the ABA and Riptide awards night in Sydney on Friday, December 5 where we’ll announce the winners. If you’re going to be in town that night make sure you get along – not only will we present our awards, there’ll also be the world premiere of Tyge Landa’s new film Royal Blood and the ABA will usher in some new inductees into the Australian Bodyboarding Hall of Fame and officially crown this year’s Aussie Tour champ. Come have a drink with us and some of the sport’s elite! It should be a cracker night. For more info and tickets click here.

Thanks to Michael Jennings from Adventure Productions for editing this latest clip, to Ricardo, Tom Jennings, Phil Gallagher, Kyrone Rathbone, James Kates, LODO, James Strickland and Tim Bonython for the footage and to Party People in a Can for the tune. Stay tuned for the next clip – we’re not sure which one – but we’ve still got the men’s and Biggest Move nominees to come, which should bring some fireworks too.

2014 Women’s BBOTY of the Year – Top 5

2014 BBOTY Grom of the Year – Top 5

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