The Free Surf Bodyboarding World Tour

A new world tour throws its hat in the ring – but what does it all mean?
News has filtered through the interwebs this week about a new Free Surf World Tour, with the first “event” starting in Europe this month. The new organisation’s “About”page says it was started by IBA and APB World Tour judge Danny Bycroft and former World Tour competitor and Gold Coast ripper Liam O’Toole. “After witnessing the demise of the IBA both Danny and Liam decided there was a better way for the sport of bodyboarding to be presented to the world than through the normal competition format,” the page reads. “This format and its necessary limitations did not suit the remote locations, insane waves and amazing high performance sport bodyboarding had become.”

The FSB (get used to another new bodyboarding acronym) plans to hold six events – Europe, North America, Pacific, Indian, Africa and South America – over the next year in order to crown the “first ever Free Surf World Champion”. Which riders have signed on for the tour is, for now, a mystery, but the FSB says the first European event will feature 20 athletes, and we’ve already spied on social media that Ireland’s Shambles Mc Goldrick said he’s “stoked to be a part of it”. With Europe set to explode with XXL swell later this week, it’ll be interesting to see how the new tour will kick off. Here’s how the thing’s gonna kick off (following words courtesy of the FSB’s launch media release):

20 Athletes

ð  We invite the 10 best bodyboarders on the continent

ð  You the fans will also chose 5 bodyboarders by voting your favourite riders into the event.

ð  Sponsors in the area will also enter their 5 best riders.

One month to search, free surf and film the most amazing waves that region has to offer

Each rider produces a 1 minute highlight clip of their best during that month

All the clips are aired exclusively on

You along with a 5 person expert judging panel of local legends and World Tour Judges decide the winner!


We are changing the whole way bodyboarders compete and are judged against each other.

To view and vote for your favourite rider from each event you pay a small fee of $4.99 (USD).

Half of this fee goes directly to the rider you voted for. The other half then makes up the prize pool to be presented to the winner of the competition on a Happy Gilmore sized novelty cheque. It is like combining crowd funding with bodyboarding in all the best ways!

With this new style of competition you don’t just like or follow a rider you back them to keep the dream alive and continue throwing themselves into some of the heaviest waves on earth for our viewing pleasure.


To prove to the world how amazing this new concept will be we are throwing the doors open to everyone to join the movement for free to witness the amazing first event kicking off in Europe on December 30th.

The invitees for the FSB: Europe 2014 are the following:

Amaury Lavernhe – France (Reunion Island)

Pierre Louis Costes – France

Antonio Cardoso – Portugal

Hugo Pinheiro – Portugal

Dan Skarjowski – United Kingdom

Jack Johns – United Kingdom

Seamus McGoldrick – Ireland

Jeremy Arnoux – France

Diego Cabrerra – Spain (Islas Canarias)

Miguel Marcias – Spain (Islas Canarias)

Elliott Morales – Spain (Islas Canarias)

Alex Uranga – Spain (Basque Country)

Winner of 2014 King of Fronton Event

Fan Wildcards

If you think you or any of your friends have what it takes to mix it up with the best at FSB:Europe hashtag #FSBEURO14 and #FSBFANWILDCARD to any of your social media bodyboarding photos or video from the past 12 months. The fans along with an expert panel will decide 1 week before the event who, from the social media world, has earned the right to take on Europe’s best.

Remember you must be able to film and surf around the European continent during the dates of December 20 – January 20. There is also an entry fee to enter the main event.

Check out the FSA’s website for more details here.

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