Chasing Red

Iain Campbell has been everywhere this North Shore season.
DAILY FRAME: Like many of South Africa’s top boogs over the years, Iain Campbell’s spending a big chunk on The Rock this season, as opposed to the short hit-and-run missions other nationalities (e.g. Aussies) have been doing in recent times while hitting the Pipe Challenge. After he arrived around New Year’s, our inbox has been steadily filling with Iain’s antics every few days and with another month or so to go we expect a ton more imagery. Ke’iki one day, Waimea Shorey the next, Pipeline the next… it hasn’t stopped! So while you wait for more imagery of the man to drop we thought you’d enjoy this little Ke’iki number from a few week’s back to tie you over. Keep up to date with Iain’s season via his blog, Chasing Red or the ol’ Facebook athlete page.

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