ABA Tour 2014 highlight reel

Let’s revisit last year’s Aussie Tour, shall we?
With the first Aussie Tour comp for 2015 just around the corner (Mandurah, March 20-22 – see full schedule here), the ABA have released a highlights clip from the four comps of 2014 (Dbah, Knights, Mandurah and Mystics). Yeah, none were graced with macking swell, but all were contestable and the surfing – as per usual – was world class.

The ABA have also released a sprawling 26-minute doco on the 2014 Tour (containing interviews on top of more surfing) to their YouTube channel, which you can watch here. Looking back at last year’s tour, it’s a pretty damn solid effort from an organisation that only came into existence last year from the ashes of the former IBA Australasia. Who’s pumped for this year’s tour (with Women’s and DK events confirmed)?!

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