ABA Tour 2015

With the Aussie Tour just weeks away, froth out to this hype-up clip.
Yep, only a couple weeks until the first leg of this year’s ABA Aussie Tour kicks off in Mandurah (March 20-22)! To get the part started the ABA’s released this clip, showing the four tour locations (Mandurah, Dbah, Knights Beach and Mystics) in their prime and if it don’t get you excited then you better get yourself checked out. The clip follows the news the tour will feature women’s and dropknee events in 2015 (read more here). Who do you have your money to become Aussie Champ?

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Jake is a senior contributor and sat in the Editor's chair from 2012 until 2014. Currently resides in South Australia and you can often find him dodging Knight's close-outs on the knee.

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