Lester honoured on Walk of Fame

The Cronulla legend gets a plaque on the new Cronulla Surfing Walk of Fame.
Above: AL during his drought-breaking Shark Island Challenge win last year. Photo: Grant “Chucky” Trouville/APB Tour

To celebrate 100 years of surfing in Cronulla, the National Surfing Reserve and Sutherland Shire Council yesterday launched the Cronulla Surfing Walk of Fame, and Shark Island legend (and one of the best ever humans to ride a piece of foam) Andrew Lester was one eight inaugural inductees. Lester – along with Bobby Brown, Jim Banks, Gary Green, Richard March, Occy, Kirk Flintoff and Gavin Colman – now has a bronze plaque recognising his achievements and contribution to waveriding in the region. Nice work Lester, you guru!

Above: Lester and his plaque yesterday. Photo: Cronulla National Surfing Reserve

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