Drew Innocend Hawaii 2015

The Sunshine Coast ripper’s back with an edit from The Rock.
From Drew: “Eiiiiiiiiiiiiighty three, last time Kona winds were this bad. It blew two months straight onshore.” That’s what I was told by one of the lifeguards from the North Shore stretch. This year, however, was no different to any other year that I’ve been. I go purely because I enjoy the North Shore. The energy of the island and ocean is uplifting and day-to-day living is simple and as comfortable as it gets. It was extremely quiet in the water – no comp, less crowds, it was just dandy. There were fun days out at Pipe, no phenomenal jaw-dropping swells like 2012, but just being out there is an unreal experience like no other and different every time. It keeps you on your toes out there. Thanks a lot to Ben from Inverted and Todd at QCD Boards – these are great people that help you out regardless of your status. Thanks a million legends. Anyways, this clip is what Hawaii is for me. Mahalo.

Film: Kieran Tunbridge, Nuno Dias
Edit: Drew

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