FSB Europe Highlights 2015

Highlights from the European leg of the Free Surf Bodyboarding World Tour 2015
We’ve been posting a lot of Free Surf Bodyboarding (FSB) World Tour propagandha lately. Heck some may think we’ve have gone a little too overboard on the stuff. But anything new in the sport of bodyboarding we’ll get behind, and we think the crew at FSB might just be onto something after looking at this clip.

After a spectacular couple months of waves in the continent of cafe’s, Game Of Thrones tours and icy pits, we have finally starting to see some of the fruits of the labour by some of Europe’s top wave sliders.

Current world champ Amaury Lavernhe and French ripper Pierre-Louis Costes are just some of the big names in this clip which also features a stirring quote from the world’s favourite fictional boxer.

The FSB World Tour is currently in it’s Pacific Ocean Australia leg which finishes in May before moving on to the Indian Ocean Australia leg from May to June.

For more information check out https://freesurfworldtour.com/

Also be sure to check out our chat with Free Surf Bodyboarding World Tour co-founder Danny Bycroft in our podcast here

Edited by Nicolas Nachaj.

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