REVIEW: Royal Blood

Does Tyge Landa's Tarantino-inspired full length feature hit the mark?

No, Not the Band.

Royal Blood is a real life action movie portraying the talents and personality of an elite team of men. Bodyboard King is the table at which they sit; stories, battles and triumphs earn the conversation. A 150 years in age span across these bodyboard kings. A tell tale with experience and youthfulness, combined through cinematic and compelling imagery by Tyge Landa. He films and directs an action sports movie with a dramatic edge starring Ben Player, Jake Stone, Ryan Hardy, Jones Russell and Jase Finlay.

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Royal blood is the latest in full length feature films from Tyge Landa, who’s previous full length features include Beneath, and Relocations.

Tarantino-esque, the film is a non-stop blend of Tyge’s signature tight framing and slow motion, which when combined with some absolutely incredible riding, proves a winning combo.

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The soundtrack was solid, without being distracting. But what really stands out is the level of riding from all the athletes. Ben Player section is everything you have come to expect from the 3 x World Champion and he shows why he is still at the top of his game while Jake Stone, Ryan Hardy and Jase Finlay prove they are all pushing the boundaries of the sport in terms of style and more importantly progression of moves. The Air games of both Jake and Jase are standouts. Jones Russell isn’t to be forgotten either, showing his power and style in the bug stuff and no slouch in the air department either.

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“Will Royal Blood be spilt? The battle for king silently ensues; a tell tale action story that documents high performance bodyboarding and a brand backing there men.”

Additional Footage
Chris Bryan
James Strickland
Paulo Barcellos

Tyge Landa
Toby Player

Executive Producer
Bodyboard King

Artwork / Titles
Bones Films

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