As part of a new series by guest contributor Tim Leeson (former Riptide editor), we ask some of the biggest names in the bodyboarding industry what are the five most important waves of their career.

This can include individual waves, certain breaks or even waves that they have seen in their career – either in a video section or real life. We left it to the riders to decide how they wanted to approach the question.

First up to the chopping block is none other than three-time world bodyboarding champion, Hubboards owner and one of the sport’s modern-day aerial innovators, Jeffrey Dean Hubbard of Kauai, Hawaii.

1. Pipeline, Hawaii

Jeff Hubbard at Pipeline, Hawaii

This wave has defined my career as far as photos, contest and World Title victories, time spent practicing and just the sheer amount of stoke and fun that it has provided me. There’s rights, left, barrels and ramps, big or small – what else could you want? There’s not much left to say about it, it’s an amazing wave, and one of the reasons I live where I do. I hate missing Pipe sessions more than anything, which says a lot!

2. Puerto Escondido, Mexico

Puerto is another wave that is so epic for me. It’s got power and consistency that’s second to none. I have stayed there for months over many summers. I’ve had two great victories there, my (or arguably anyone’s) best video part there (Hubb’s Mexican Dream) and tons of photos.

3. Half Point or Honolua, Hawaii

It is toss up between the wave I surf the most frequently and train at almost daily  (Half Point) or the wave that I love to travel to and surf the most (Honolua).

4. Arica, Chile, 2006 World Tour Event Final

Jeff Hubbard flips at Arica, Chile

On wave that needs to be included in here is my winning wave against GT (Guilherme Tamega) with less than a minute to go in the final.  I needed a score of 8.15 and with 35 seconds to go, with no priority, I just congratulated GT. Then afterwards, I quickly snuck right and caught a medium-sized wave off the peak. This right allowed me to do a nice bottom turn into a big flip, which I landed, then went straight into another solid ARS.  I landed that too and then I rode into the rocks just praying. I got an 8.67. It was one of my first big international victories. Coming from behind against GT in sick waves helped me realize that anything was possible. Being able to win in the last seconds of the match-up and the points from the victory, helped me win my first world title.

5. My first wave at the Wedge, California.

The Wedge in California. Photo: Affad Shaikh

Back in 1996 I got to surf the Wedge for the very first time. It was really big and clean, and I was there with my friend Robbie Crawford. I saw that “Wedge Gurus”, Pat Caldwell and Matt Allen, were sitting on the peak, so I went over there and got one big set. I bottom-turned into the tube but got sucked up the face in the barrel and then got drilled so hard. I had to crawl up the beach, with my fins off, coughing water! But on that wave I scored my first cover with the prestigious Bodyboarding Magazine (US publication) and that really helped kick-start my career.

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