Age: 20
Lives: Bawley Point, NSW
Sponsors: Board Lounge

Congratulations on the Youth shot in #203. Was it your first time in Riptide? 

Yeah, that was my first shot that has got a run. I was pretty stoked when I first heard about it, especially to get a shot from one of my favourite waves.

Tell us about that wave and session...

The conditions were kind of sketchy but a few of the other boys and I decided to head out anyway. We ended up getting a few each which was sick. When that wave came through it had a bit more wall that you would normally like but I decided to go as Leroy (Bellet) looked to be in a good spot to get the shot.

Zach Self as featured in Riptide Issue #203. Photo: Leroy Bellet

You are on a pretty sizey wave in your Youth photo. Is that your favourite aspect of bodyboarding?

To be honest, bigger waves actually scare the heck outta me haha! But when you live down here I suppose you kind of have to have a bit of a dig. I’d much rather surf 4-foot Nuggan haha.

When did you get into bodyboarding? 

I started surfing when I was 12, just mucking around down the local beachy, then I slowly started to find out that there were so many epic waves about five minutes from my house haha. I joined the local bodyboard club which is where I met heaps of mates who I still surf with to this day which is sick.

Being born and raised in Bawley Point, what is it like surfing with all the amazing South Coast breaks in short distance?

Yeah, it’s pretty epic. I think I take it for granted most of the time haha.

Zach Self taking a drop. Photo: Brett Allen

Some say having so many good waves at hand can be detrimental on your technical style. What do you think? 

Yeah, I think having these epic reef breaks can make you less of a technical rider for sure. I never used to really surf beach breaks that much, but now I love it. I think it has helped my technical side of surfing heaps.


Have you travelled much?

I went to Hawaii in 2013, just after I finished school which was a pretty fun trip even though the season wasn’t the greatest. I also went to the Bali which was fun. im keen to do some more travelling around oz.

Who are your favourite bodyboarders and why?

I love watching Spencer Skipper surf, he’s super smooth. The guys down here are sick to watch also like Jase Finlay and Glen Thurston.

Zach Self on another screamer. Photo: Brett Allen

Do you do anything outside of bodyboarding?

I love playing soccer. We actually just lost the Grand Final this season which kinda sucked haha.

Are you studying or chasing a trade/career/job?

just doing a bunch of labouring work at the moment. not to sure what the future holds yet.

What do you want to get out of bodyboarding? 

I just like to have a good time really. I don’t think I’ll pursue it professionally but I’ll definitely be doing it for a long time yet, nothing beats a good barrel!

Lastly, any shout outs?

Thanks to the fellas at the Board Lounge.