This kind of stuff really makes our blood boil.

Renowned West Australian filmer and all-round good bloke James “Stricko” Strickland has had three years of hard work gone in an instant after his car was broken into by unknown scumbags recently.

It is understood the dropkick/s ransacked Stricko’s car while it was parked outside his home in Subiaco, a suburb of Perth, West Australia.

James Strickland is well-known in WA bodyboarding circles for putting his life on the line in order to capture some of the most iconic moments in the sport’s history including Damien Miller’s heavy wipeout, Michael Novy charging The Right and the highly acclaimed Lewy Finnegan video “Glewten Free”.

While failing to get anything of much monetary value in the theft, a hard drive containing hard earned footage over the past three years was stolen in the incident.

Stricko took to social media to vent his frustration at the incident:

“Last night some low life scum broke into my car parked outside my house in Subiaco. My car usually empty of anything of value happened to have my harddrive in the glove box.

This hard drive contained about three years of the highest quality surfing footage imaginable from countless trips around the world. I’m not usually one to preach things on Facebook but the value of this cannot be explained in words.

Countless memories gone in the blink of an eyelid. I’m bitterly disappointed and would really appreciate this hard drive back. I don’t care how or who you are but this drive is irreplaceable and would love it returned.

Please if as many of you I know could share this post to please to at least try to find it I would greatly appreciate it. Thankyou all friends. x”

The hard drive is a LaCie Rugged 1 TB with removal plastic cover similar to the one pictured.


Anyone with information regarding this hard drive are urged to contact Crime Stoppers WA on 1800 333 000 or online at



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