Davis Blackwell – Summer Luvin’

There are a lot of reasons to get psyched on this latest clip of Davis Blackwell.

Firstly, it features some ridiculously impressive riding from one of Australia’s most exciting up-and-coming groms.

Secondly, it was Reeflex owner, and Aussie bodyboarding legend, Ryan Hardy’s first crack behind the editing controls – and we personally think he did a damn fine job.

The choice of music – What is Love? by Haddaway – could be seen as both a tribute to that legendary SNL skit, as well as being a song that wouldn’t sound out of place in one of Chris White’s Tension films – which were arguably responsible for launching Hardy’s bodyboarding career.

And finally, there is the amazing iPhone footage of Davis having way too much fun at what looks like a strip club, as well as some excellent Kodak moments, including a photo of a pre-pubescent Davis with his hero and mentor which left us feeling warm and fuzzy inside.

Extra footage provided by James Strickland, Tom Jennings, Luke Waylen and Kieran Tunbridge.

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