Til The End Official Trailer

If you like your bodyboarding films to be heavily saturated in pointless lifestyle shots with the latest JJJ-endorsed indie-chillwave soundtrack, then you might want to look away.

Til The End, The latest offering from the crew at Image Filmz, harkens back to the days of old school bodyboard videos with no-nonsense, balls-to-the-wall bodyboarding.

“The last 18 months we’ve been filming for this new film and in that time, the quality of footage and content has being raised and raised! With the world’s best riders, plus the next generation of Australian grommets!”

“It features some of the most insane sessions at the big wave locations of Shipsterns, Tahiti and Luna Park. Mixed with some of the best technical riding in Bali, Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia, Queensland and NSW.”

Til The End premiere dates for locations nationwide will be announced shortly (sometime around January). Until then, watch this clip to psyche you up!

Supported by:
Dave Kelly Custom Water Housings
Riptide Bodyboarding
Dunes Wetsuits
Ocean Street
Limited Edition Swim Fins
Nomad Bodyboards
Inverted Bodyboarding

Photo: Kyle Wright

Graphics Design: Scott Riefel, Josh Van Andel & Lyndon Guy

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