Have you ever looked at that empty space in your living room and thought, “you know what would look great here? A frozen, 30-year-old, deteriorating Great White Shark.”

Well now is your chance, thanks to Australia’s real-life Martin Brody, Mr Vic Hislop.

Mr Hislop is selling a frozen 16-foot Great white shark for a whopping $30,000 on online classifieds website gumtree.com.au.

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The famous shark hunter told Riptide the massive shark was captured just off the coastline of Hervey Bay in 1988, before the animal became a protected species in Australia.

The shark was frozen and preserved by Hislop, and put on display as the “centrepiece” of his bizarre “Shark show” in Airlie Beach, which closed down eight years ago.

“It has been in my backyard since the shark show closed down in Airlie,” Mr Hislop said.

“It is pretty hard to get rid of something like that. It has cost me thousands of dollars in electricity to keep.”

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The shark is being stored inside a custom built refrigerated trailer.

The Shark was listed on Gumtree last week by Hislop, with the description: ‘Now is your chance to own it and reap the rewards as a traveling display or use our imagination even pride and joy in your mancave.’

The listing has since gained considerable attention and complaints, with Gold Coast-based shark conservationist Madison “Shark Girl” Stewart saying the sale of the protected species is highly illegal.

“The matter was reported to me on my facebook page,” Ms Stewart said.

“It is crazy, I thought someone as experienced as (Mr Hislop) would know that it was illegal to sell.”

While the ad has been taken down from Gumtree, Hislop told Riptide that the Shark is still for sale.

“I caught it before it was a protected species and I have all the documentation,” Hislop said.

“A bloke rang me from China and wanted to know about it. But I don’t think I will go through the trouble of trying to send it to China.”

A Fisheries Queensland spokewoman said the matter is currently being investigated.

“The Department of Agriculture and Fisheries is currently investigating a matter concerning the sale of a Great white shark,” she said.

“Great white sharks are protected under state and commonwealth legislation.”

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