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select_logoAnother Java clip, right? Wrong!

We nearly kooked it big time and missed this video. As soon as the word “Java” enters our periphery, our eyes glaze over and our minds wonder on to other things we deem more important.

We turned our focus to other video’s, such as Dino Carlo’s “Blessed” and Jase Finlay’s epic 2015 wrap up (both are amazing if you haven’t seen them) and forgot all about “just another Java clip“.

But alas, after second glance at this clip, and noticing the talent of the riders and filmers involved, we realized this was not just any ordinary Java clip. This is 10 minutes of epic surfing mixed in with all the good times that make an Indo trip with your best mates so bloody amazing.

Featuring Port Macquarie shredlords Jones Russell, Charlie Holt, Chase O’Leary and (eventually) Jake Chelman and filmed by talented lensmen Sam Rutherford and Ryan Cheesman, you don’t to miss this clip.

Coming in just over 10 minutes, it is all killer and worth every second. So grab a coffee, or a tea, or whatever your poison, and soak it all in.

Here is what Mr Rutherford had to say about the clip:

A trip to Java with four riders, two filmers, and a shit load of hurdles before reaching the final destination. One of those hurdles being an out of date passport resulting in the late arrival of Chelman. One of his solo missions consisted on a 30-hour bus ride with only two other German people speaking very limited English.

Music // Pink Floyd – Have a Cigar
Arthur Lyman – Sim Sim
Jimi Hendrix – Isabella
The Black Angles – Young men dead
Graveyard – Longing


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