Everybody hold on to your seats and pray to the surf gods because the Shark Island Challenge might actually be happening next week.

After a lack of swell and correct tides, the SIC did not get underway in 2015, the first time since the historic contest’s inception in 1997.

However, with the waiting period for the APB Speciality Event being all year round, contest organisers now have the benefit of being able to run the event whenever conditions look ideal.

And next Thursday might just be the conditions needed.

Organisers are expecting a building Easterly groundswell, building from 5ft -7ft early in the morning to up to 6ft – 9ft by noon.

Tides are also looking favourable, with an early high tide peaking at 1.52 metres by about 10am.



Organisers are planning to run the contest within one day, with each rider competing for their best scores over two round.

More details to come.

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