The Shark Island Challenge will not be going ahead this week.

Despite organisers putting the contest on standby late last week, the forecasted swell will not be nearly as big as earlier anticipated, forcing the event to be called off yet again.

Early indications suggested a powerful 6-9 foot Easterly groundswell would hit the famous Cronulla reef by Thursday this week, however a revised forecast suggests the waves will be scaled down to between 4 to 6 foot.

Riptide contacted Shark Island Challenge organiser and APB CEO Alex Leon to find out more on why the event was called off.

“The OpenLive SIC has been called off due to the decrease in the size of swell. It’s expected to be around the 4-6 feet size.

We are going to stay on hold all year between the APB World Tour events. It’s paramount for us to showcase Bodyboarding in the best light possible here in Australia therefore we need a solid 8 feet swell to create the impact in the mainstream media that we envision.

The fracture in the Bodyboarding industry in Australia has hurt the competitive side of the sport so by having SIC in mind blowing scary waves will help attract audiences again and hopefully development etc.
It’s still early in the year and we have plenty of time to get that “Perfect” day.”

Keep your eyes peeled to for the latest updates on the Shark Island Challenge and the rest of the APB World Bodyboarding Tour.

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