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Feature image: Sean Lee drives through a barrel at a notorious Mid North Coast reef


Sunshine Coast

By Ben Wells – Inverted Bodyboard Specialists

SCBC gets underway

After postponing the first round due to lack of waves, the Sunshine Coast Bodyboard Club got its 2016 underway last month with round one taking place at Ann Street, Caloundra. Conditions were not ideal but still highly contestable with some big moves going down.

Simon Cassidy scoring near home. Photo Kieran Tunbridge

Waves for Days

In a rare sight for Sunny Coasters, the swell has been super consistent from Noosa to Caloundra and everywhere in between. A certain wave that has not worked for a long time came to life with Josh Keenan, Simon Cassidy and Adam Keegan all making the most of it. Point Cartwright has also turned on the goods with the eager trio again scoring gold (see photos).

Adam Keegan was back in the water for the swell. Photo Kieran Tunbridge

Cramsie to tackle Chopes

After an impressive quarter finals performance at the Mike Stewart Pipeline Invitational in Hawaii, former Mooloolaba lad Lachlan Cramsie will be packing his bags and jetsetting off to Tahiti for round two of the APB World Tour. Rumour has it that Cramsie has since picked up a board sponsor to help fund his globetrotting antics.

Gold Coast

By Noah Aubort

Neck breaking barrels

If you know Elliot Butler, you know he’s an A-grade hell man. Sticking to his grass roots, doing gnarly shit and not giving an ass about it, Elliot’s gone and broken his neck. Just to be sure of it, he surfed some more before getting a proper diagnosis. Upon legitimate diagnosis he momentarily calmed down. Then as Butler would, drove his way to the South Coast to chase waves with Sunshine Coast photographer Jack Gore and GC DK shralper Tyson Ryan.  The commitment to the game is real.

Waves and weirdos

In regards to waves, we’ve been well done by in recent times. I won’t drop locations, because apparently the Gold Coast’s surfing population in its entirety is blissfully unaware to where these waves are – as theorized by some overly dramatic GC Bodyboarders. I can give ya’ll first hand assurance that this is not the case, and there’s a distinct amount of buttheads just about any and everywhere. But yeah, there’s waves from North to South, just about anywhere at the mo.

Greg Deeth on a chunky drainer. Photo Backwash Photography

Pro Tour coming to D’Bah

ABA Tour is on target for kick off at the mighty-mighty Dballs in around three weeks time. To be honest, the banks are pretty baloney, but I’ve little to no doubt ye old faithful deebs will pull through FTB’s (for the boys – ed), she often does. The event is going to coincide with the APB’s Sparkgreen Teahupoo challenge by the looks of things, which might leave a couple big names out of the scene. So if you’re looking to smash some early season points on that Australian Tour leaderboard I’d get your dirty ace down there and do exactly that!

Goldy Lads Heading to Tahiti

Speaking of the Tahiti, Gold Coast’s BB messiah, Mitch Rawlins, has been given a wildcard for the APB Tour event while newest resident to Bilinga, Jake Stone, has also been given the golden ticket. It will be a miraculous recovery for Stoney, who broke his Fibula in a horrific trampoline accident just two months ago. Both riders have the potential to win the event and it will be an amazing showcase for bodyboarding if the waves turn on.


North Coast

By Dion Myers


Coffs Coast Bodyboard Club is back in full swing, the first one for the year was held in trying but contestable conditions with some new faces on the scene and some upset take downs as well in the Dropknee division. The standout on the day was Kody Mackie taking out the AA division, keep an eye out for him around the place!

Super Groms
Tiny boards, big ambitions, the Microgroms in action.

A new division was started up this year for the Microgroms with a killer turn out, was awesome to have them out in the water frothing and getting into the waves. They are the future and its good to see them out there.

This year will only see one state round held at Kiama, so there’s a crew heading South to compete and score killer waves and hopefully come home with a few trophies too.

Keiran Riches
Keiran Riches on a drainer

The Mike Stewart Pipeline Invitational was run earlier this year with a handful of Aussies selected to compete in this prestigious event with a few older crew doing very well in the event, PLC went on to take out the event so congrats to him and the other finalists.


Shayden Schrader and Brodey Brockman have just had a huge stint in the Cook Islands scoring more waves than they could ride. Tre Mesk, Lachlan Bylhouwer, Theo Hinchliff and a few tassie boys were also over there scoring with them.

Aaron Fleeton
Aaron Fleeton makes the most of the fun swell.


there has been an influx of swell over the past couple of months, including the flat spells, with some secret spots starting to fire after been dormant for so long. The local guys have been keeping busy with these swells while they are around and scoring as well. The banks have finally started to sort themselves out at certain places and have turned on for crew who were willing to do a little investigating while the swell was about.


Local lady Sophie Leathers has hooked up with QCD now and has been ripping on her new boards. Shes stoked to be onboard with them too, with it giving her the push to get herself out there and test her abilities even more!

Mitch East
Mitch East with a tidy air revo.

Hold On!

The premiere of the Holding On movie was a success all up and down the coast with great response from the local guys and even made a stir among some of the local non bodyboard riding community. It was a big bonus having AdamWingnutSmith at them and promoting the New retro QCD Wingnut boards that look killer too. Off the back of that the new JG board range has hit the stores and Coffs Waterman Supplies is the place to get them from. Rob is always happy to answer questions and show the new range to anyone.

Sad News

Two lives were sadly lost locally from swimmers with no beach knowledge getting caught in a rip, and a third on a different beach coming close to also joining those numbers. Some of the local bodyboarders helped to rescue the swimmers but sadly didnt survive. Our playground is not only fun, but very dangerous. For your own life as well as others keep an eye out for each other and anyone who looks like they are in distress, but remember that your life is number one so be aware that people will climb onto you to save themselves.

Cronulla Region

By Des Govender – Emerald Bodyboard Specialists

What’s Yours is Ours

There has been heaps of swells down here some days have been windy and other days have been offshore or glassy all day! Definetley a good start to the year down here. Jack Baker managed to score a cracking day at Cape Solander (not Ours!). Although it wasn’t quite Island Comp worthy there were some solid kegs out the Island during the proposed day.

Jack Baker faces the fury at Ours Cape Solander Photo Christian Kalpou

Two Shaun’s head for Tahiti

ShaunPynoPyne and Shaun Petersen are flying over to Tahiti for round two of the APB Tour. Good luck to both of them and do Cronulla proud! The waiting period begins on April 18, keep an eye out for them in the webcast.

Club News

The next Cronulla Bodyboard Club Comp is  Sunday April 10th. Jack Baker won our last Club Comp and is looking to back it up in the next Comp. The guys in our AA division are all fighting for a Stealth sponsorship at the end of the year. Christian Kalpou was the winner of the AA division and will be hard to beat this year with some smooth spin to roll combo’s but there are a few guys hot on his heels Adam Smith came second and his older brother Jeremy Smith came third.


Azza Glossop has been shredding the Point and Island on the knee lately. Sam Farrow and Kane Straney have been surfing really well the past few months and are ones to look out for. Travis Becker has really been enjoying fishing over surfing lately and has landed a job cleaning Zeus after hours.

South Coast

by Jason McCarthy – SWS Bodyboarding

Men in Grey Suits

Shark attack on an real shredder that most bodyboarders would know from Kiama wedge Brett Connellan, 22, has given us nightmares (read SMH story here). I have been told a bodyboarder was knocked off his board last week by a shark but didn’t report it. He wasn’t a local and all he wanted after the ordeal was a ciggie.

Industry News

SWS has a new owner!!! its ME haha. SWS will also be supporting the Mystics Pro.

Movie Time

James Kates is finishing off his “Four Winds” movie. Our crew were at “Til The End” prem by Image Filmz. Plenty of unseen footage and pump up for the up and coming young gunz. Only comment was NOT ENOUGH LENNY by Nick ‘Bronco’ Hartcher.

Acker Dacca
Shane Ackerman has been back to Tassie and doing more driving than a indian taxi driver to get BIG waves. He has also been working with SALTY SURF HOUSINGS from local Instagram to develop new product specific to bigger wave bodyboarding.  On top of that Ackerman has also taken up underwater hockey to train for better breath holds.

DK Wars on the South Coast
The DK vibe is strong in our area and there seems to be a mini DKwars in the making. The group text messages have been inviting any DK riders to meet up for regular power sessions.


By Eddie Werne – Shed Nine

Holding On

The  VIcco Holding On Premieres were a huge success, with Melbs being a sold out Show and The final night of the tour going out with a bang in Sorrento. Simon Bruncke flew Wingnut in for both premiere’s where  The film was well aprreciated. I invited a heap of the old boys from around the state to come and stay for the premiere then compete in the State Titles held at Rye the following morning. The out of towners, like Jason Hazle, Caine Cherubrin, Damien Amos, Matt Chapman, Tim Nanninga who came to hang, generally ended up bailing on the comp and getting up to misschief after the film at the Sorrento Hotel, The Conti then back at the ShedNine where most saw the sun rise and others slepts on the floor on surfboard covers.
Tawa Hura dominates State titles
The next morning the State Titles was again, for the second year in a row dominated by Tawa Hura who won the Juniors and the Open Titles. The old boy Steve Watson put on a show with a solid roll onto dry rocks on the Shore break.  Liam Whitelaw put in a solid effort and dominated the senior mens, while Sally Wells took out the womens after a mission down south Sammy Whittle has made a great comeback to bodyboarding after years on a surfboard, he took out the Masters while Ryan Flory won the cadets, and yours truly put in marathon effort after an all nighter with the Holding On crew, spewed in the first three heats came 4th in the open.
Viccos latest king of the lens Jack Shepherd made a mission to the Cooks followed by Dom Golch whom also made the mission to NZ with his lovely lady looks like he found more wild times on the queenstown adrenaline scene chasing bungees and giant rope swings  over waves.
Matt Vin in a Vicco funnel
Port boy back in the salt
Portland’s Marcus England is back on the pulse, making his third film after a solid tour of Oz running “Till the End” premiere’s wherever there is foam.
Comeback time
Ray Mathews reckons he’s on the full tour comeback trail this season, on the look for sick lefts and a few fresh sponsors.


by Nick Nairn-Smith

Autumn is On!
Swell has been pouring in from most angles down here in Tasmania as the season of autumn rolls in.

Rarities on Point

Left over summer swells saw the infamous Tasmanian Points turn on in incredible conditions. Looking like a smaller and slightly colder version of Queensland’s super bank incredible 10 second plus tubes were recorded by most bodyboarders and surfers for a solid 2 day swell. Some were describing it as the best summer surf conditions The Points had ever seen-usually only breaking in the depths of winter it was a relief to find tube time in almost board short temperature water. Harley Ward and Cam Green dominated Outside Mays whilst it was Fane Cox and the Thomas brothers that had just returned from the Cook Islands who enjoyed the views at Inside Mays.
Screenshot 2016-03-31 21.18.29
 Above: The columnist sitting inside a few warm water points pits. Backstrap Selfie: Nick Nairn-Smith
Only a week or so later arguably one of Tasmania’s most impressive beachies turned on. The following day after Cyclone Winston lit up our East coast reefs and beaches an unexpected 4-5ft south swell arrived much to the delight of every (already surfed-out) waterman in Tassie. Jeremy Faulds, Harley & Charles Ward and Cohen Thomas were the main standouts hitting multiple air bowls in the morning. James Kates was also on hand and took time away from helping film the Zion Wetsuits Standup division to enjoy a few wedges and ramps. A shift change occurred later in the day with RemiSamoan HubbyChauvin and Thomas Webster making their way to the beach post work to terrorise the line up and the fading swell.
Donk Swells
Shipstern’s Bluff is back. The swells are starting to pour through and three sessions of note have been had over the past month. Despite the lack of XXL style swells the barrels have been large enough to put smiles on every Stern enthusiast’s face and also hand out some nasty beatings to those getting complacent with the joint. The last swell saw crowds of 25 people plus hustling for their Stern caverns. Charles Ward stayed out until darkness was upon him in order to get his fix whilst early birds Harley Ward, Jeremy Faulds and Callum Wells made the most of the cleaner conditions early. Shane Ackerman also headed down for the swell and found a barrel.  Samuel Thomas loves a beatdown and the last stern session was no exception. Sammy copped a solid wave square on his shoulder resulting in a nasty dislocation and a big front flip out into the flats. Ben Siggins and Matt Jaegerbomb were also on the scene having a look around.
Above: Sam poised and ready for an impending injury. Photo: Jimmy Smith
 Above: Coco sitting plush in an arvo drainer. Photo: Jimmy Smith
The Lord Mayor
The one and only bodyboarding member of the prestigious Tasmanian stand up posse The Southern Lords has been going hard lately. After a two year hiatus from Shipsterns Jeremy Faulds was first in the water last week and had a cracking session scoring every single bomb that rolled through at first light including a mammoth 10-12ft cave that he almost made. Buzzing on a Shipsterns high Jezza threw down coin on a little red Zodiac and has been fizzing around Kenny Powers style taking the boys for tow out sessions at his local and prepping the vehicle for some exploratory missions.
 Above: Jezza locking in last week-an hour later he paddled the biggest wave of his life. Photo: Thomas Webster
NSW transplant Dean Pitt is said to be rife with jealousy at Jeremy Faulds new purchase and is looking to buy a high powered jetski to take back his reputation as top jetski dog in the Southern waters. He’s keeping his final purchase a secret but is talking a big game.
 deano's ski
Above: Dean Pitt’s potential new ride. Watch out for Deano coming in hot at any heaving Tasmanian reef in the very near future.
Cyclone Winnie and the Eastern Swells
The east has pumped relentlessly. Cyclone Winnie treated everyone to a long drawn out ENE swell. Waves at Aggets turned on keeping Matt Jack and Nick Mole happy whilst over at Governers island some crazy heavy lefts were ridden by Harley, Cohen, Jezza and Noodle. Hungry as ever for waves, Harley chased the swell to Boneyards which from all reports was close to all time. Gumboots also came to life in the past South swell and regular Sam Ross was on hand to exploit the square barrels and reap some photo glory. Adam Kowalik observed a mystical slab light up on the east and found some waves at a less popular location. Nick Terry thoroughly enjoyed a fabled left hand river mouth and Callum Wells scored EHR.
 Above: Harley Ward in a hefty slab on the east. Photo: Luke Engels

Dirty Thirty

George Webster has been seen shredding rebounds to pieces post his 30th Birthday hoedown, not over the hill yet cobber. Happy Birthday Noot from all of Tassie’s Spongers!


by Dylan Beach

Holding on Premiere

The Holdin On premiere came to Adelaide at the start of the month. The SA bodyboarding and surfing community packed out the Mercury Cinema in what was one of the most anticipated bodyboarding movie release in a long time. The 120 strong crowd of keen bodyboarders we’re treated to an incredible story of the Skid Kids, as well as some insane footage of Shark Island on the big screen. Some of the nights highlights include Phil Goode pulling out his holy Manta tee shirt from the early 90’s ready for the signatures of the Skid Kids, as well as Steve Bradley taking home his JG board door prize on his birthday. A big thanks to Simon Bruncke for making sure he made the trek down to SA to host a premiere.
South Australian Bodyboard Club
The SABC is about to kick off the 2016 season on Saturday 16th of April. Newly appointed club president Jasper Ashmoore has worked hard over the summer break to make sure that the club continues to build on previous season. You can now enter online at with the SABC password as ‘Knights’
ABA Pro Tour 2016
The ABA Pro Tour is about to kick off at D’bah in 2 weeks time. South OZ tour regular Marshall Watson has been putting the time in the water ready to kick off his tour campaign. Joining him will be young up and comers Nathaniel Golebiowski and Aden Arens who are looking to travel to numerous events and start their competitive year. Once again the tour will venture down to Knights Beach between the 27-29th of May and will also host the SA state titles. 2016 will see the 10 year anniversary of what has become one of the more popular events on tour due to the consistent waves and amphitheatre like atmosphere. Rumour has it that Saturday will see a host of market stalls, live music and food vans taking over the street in what will sure to be an amazing few days on the South Coast.
Waves….or lack of waves..
Well as the title describes the lack of sessions have been few and few between since we last touched base on state news. A few days have been had for those who have travelled the less beaten track with reports of a some fun waves to be had, but even though the cool Autumn mornings have come out to play, the summer trade winds are still showing their face. Fingers crossed over the next few weeks the Autumn patterns produce the goods.



by Oli Callisto – Pitz Board Culture

Night Comp coming

Perth’s bodyboard club has been tirelessly working with the local council to get approval for a night comp at local spot City Beach Groyne. We are stoked to announce we have been successful in our application and we have the 2nd or 3rd of April locked down – Now all we need are some waves! Competitors will surf like any normal club comp, except in the dark! We will have most of the beach lit up for a comp area and a free surf zone. Event to be released closer to the date, so if any Perth foam riders want to get involved in the first ever night comp in West Oz then contact the Foam Riders Surf Club Facebook page and they can get you signed up for the strangest comp to come to town in a long time! Going to be an epic night with a lot of laughs going down, not to be missed!

No Surf = Danger to All

Local Perth grommet and Pitz BC Team Rider Josh Peters recently decided to have some flat day fun with a gidgee spear. After chasing a fish a little too long, things went south fast, resulting in one of the more gruesome injuries I have seen over the years. As you can see his leg wasn’t the only casualty, his fins got cut off and so did his wettie. We reckon he should stick to what he knows best, and that’s bodyboarding. But judging by the look on his face he didn’t seem too phased about it, must be some hella pain meds. Get well soon Peters, new wettie and fins coming his way….


Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 12.02.40 PM

Holding On Premiere

With the most anticipated bodyboarding flick to come out West in a long time, expectations were high for the premiere of the Skid Kids story, and after selling out the Perth show months before it came to town, we had no choice but to put on a second showing which sold out too! It’s so sick to see the Perth community come together for events like this and the support we get means that we will continue to bring as many movies over to our side of the country as possible. So a huge thanks to everyone who came down and showed some love and even more thanks to Simon who did the solo trip over to us!

South West

By Darren Hosker – Good Earth Surf Shop

Swell Times

South West has seen a little more action over the last few weeks with a definite change in seasons and a better size and strength to the swell. Autumn in the SW is definitely a time that crew hang out for. Long hot summer days with fickle smaller waves for most of the time have been left behind and those crisp mornings with the sound of decent swells crashing on your fave reef or beach slab have arrived. There have been many reports of fun sessions when it’s been on.  SW locals were treated to some solid waves leading up to the Easter long weekend and for those that ventured a little they were definitely rewarded with some lesser crowds and sick waves when that extra long weekend landed. (Im probs still frothin a little myself as this is written).



Club scene in the SW has had to have cancelled two of the last events due to the conditions both very much lacking good winds and any swell. Keen to get the best conditions possible committee members thought best t hold off holding the event in less than desirable conditions. SWBC is looking to the next date of the 24th of April for its first round. C’mon Autumn play fair with us!!! If you’re keen to sign up drop and email to [email protected]

Invitational comp coming to West Oz

An invitational event organised and masterminded by NathanDuckDucasse (yep recent Riptide Daily framer) and with a little help by myself, is set to start its waiting period on the 9th of April. With eight days up our sleeves we are hoping that we can score the best conditions to show case some of the best older crew and younger groms in the scene of body boarding in WA.  The LeeGraffinMcCurdyInvitational sponsored by Good Earth , Reeflex, Grand Flavour and Creatures  has a Facebook event that you can join to receive up dated info.

Wedges have been on fire in the South West.

So stay safe crew in and out of the water. Heres hoping those big Autumn swells flow freely and big pits are in abundance.

Girl Talk

By Sophie Leathers and Dion Myers

FTBA Girls On the Rise

MillieChalker, 13 and a part of FTBA has been getting some practice in with a few other girls for her local club comps.

“After over a year of practising with the help of my dad I finally got the courage to sign up to my local bodyboarding club and convinced two good friends of mine to join as well,” she said.
“After signing in for the first time and getting our rashies on we paddled out to where it was breaking at tuncurry beach. I was stoked for getting 2nd, had heaps of fun and can’t wait for next months Comp.”
Gold Coast Boogie Chicks
Zoe Curling has been scoring on the Gold Coast, along with Britt-Marie Ladley and Corina, members of GCBC.
The surf has been pretty sick up on the Gold Coast lately! The years kicked off with some fun swells hitting snapper and up the coast. I managed to score some pretty fun barrels off the point!” Zoe said.
“Our first round of GCBC club comp was such a success with us managing to get our women’s division together! Stoked to be apart of the sport again this year.”
Women’s bodyboarding wetsuit range coming
Three of the country’s most amped bodyboarder’s you’re ever likely to meet, Lilly Pollard, Sophie Leathers and Rio Clarke are currently getting around in the first line of women’s bodyboarding wetsuits to come out of Australia.  The girls have teamed up with Ryan Hardy to design some stylish, bodyboard specific suits that will contain the quality and style of Reeflex wetsuits in ladies sizes.  The range consists of 3/2 and 4/3 steamers, 2/2 long sleeve springsuits and 1.5mm long sleeve bikini cut springsuits.  The suits will be available in select bodyboard stores and online at from Mid-April.

Rumour Mill

by The Squirrel

Another day and another board company has thrown its hat into the increasingly crowded ring. Will all these new companies survive in today’s tough boogie marketplace?

On the back of some recent world tour form, which bodyboarder has picked up a new board sponsor contract?

Is there tension between the sport’s national tour officials and international tour officials over contest dates?

There seems to be ongoing debate over points distribution for this year’s World Tour. Under the current model, a rider could get as the same or more points for winning at notoriously small wave events such as Sintra and Viana than at risky waves at Pipe or Teahupoo. Will riders boycott the rest of the tour, or will this (hopefully) be sorted out before things get messy?

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