To the average passer by, Brazilian freesurf extraordinaire Renan Faccini could easily be mistaken for some kind of rock star rather than a bodyboarder.

With his black locks, tattooed skin and rock’n’roll fashion sense, the man who calls himself “The Crow” truly is a unique character of our sport.

But put him on a wedgey Brazilian beach break, and Renan is completely different beast, with a style resembling that of some of his Australian bodyboarding influences like Nick Gornall.

Renan with a big boost at another amazing Brazilian wedge.

So we wanted to find out what the Crow listens to before, during and after each session to make him surf the way he does.

Here he gives us a rundown of the perfect music to go alongside the perfect day of surfing

Access All Areas

I have been listening to this band for over seven years and it’s never too much. I like to listen to this when traveling in the car to the surf. Long sets like this one makes the trip faster once you know your almost at the spot. Only thing is I wish I had this with out the screaming hahahaha

Lupine Ossuary

So yeah, when you get to your favorite spot and there is ramps everywhere and no one out, this is the music I hear. This band play very fast and is just the way I like to bodyboard. This is also the music I used for the South American leg of the Freesurf Bodyboarding World Tour event. It always gets me amped to get out there!

Entrance Song

This is the perfect music for when I get out of the water destroyed and keen to chill and eat something. It also gets me keen to head back out again!

The Crow seeks shade under a slabby left.


When the waves start to get good again and the offshore winds start to hit you want to get out there fast and your bro that is filming you says to you draw some long lines.  Mozes is the right band to get you ready to not go so fast and do some clean tricks!

Under Your Spell

After scoring a perfect day you need something to calm you down. Desire will put you to sleep.

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