Australia’s first Wave Pool to open in 2017

but will it be suitable for bodyboarding?

Stuck in the city and dreaming of a quick arvo wave after you knock off?

Well dream no more, because that may very well become a possibility with Australia’s first wavepool destined for none other than Melbourne.

That’s right, the world’s most liveable city (for everyone except for surfers) will now boast a Wavegarden, which, according to this video by Perth-based company Wave Park Group (who own the Australian rights to Wavegarden) will deliver man made waves that offer “an authentic surfing experience” for bodyboarders, surfers, SUPers and more.

Above: An artist’s impression of the URBNSURF wave pool. Source: Herald Sun.

According the today’s Herald Sun, the URBNSURF project will be constructed at a seven hectare site located 23 minutes from Melbourne CBD and is expected to cost a cool $18.5 million.

Wave Park Group chairman Andrew Ross said URBNSURF will feature waves ranging from 0.6m for beginners to 1.9m for experienced surfers and will run for as long as 32 seconds.

“The beauty of the Wavegarden technology is that it can accommodate in separate zones the needs of all surfers — from the smallest groms, and those starting out, through to the high performance training requirements of elite surfing athletes,” said Mr Ross.

“Melbourne’s 200,000 or so surfers will be able to enjoy longer and better quality rides than can usually be found at many of Victoria’s most popular breaks, all within a 25 minute drive of the Melbourne CBD,” he said.

Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 2.18.11 PM
Above: A view from above of the proposed wave pool. Source: URBNSURF instagram.


Of course, the Wavegarden doesn’t seem to have the same “dream barrels” as Kelly Slater’s secret Californian wavepool that he unveiled to much applause late last year.

And while we still dream of the potential a bodyboard could have on a much hollower wave like Kelly’s magnificent invention, this at least looks like a step in the right direction, and perhaps start a revolution in competitive bodyboarding.

As one commenter wisely noted, “there are no laydays at the wavegarden”.

Do you think bodyboarders will use the Melbourne Wavegarden? Leave a comment below.


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