A bodyboard comp with a difference is set to take place in West Australia this weekend with the inaugural Lee Graffin McCurdy Invitational.

Created by local legend Nathan “Duck” Ducasse and Darren Hotker from Good Earth Surf Shop, the LGM Invitational will see 34 of WA’s top old school and new generation riders rip it up at one of a number of potential locations with a waiting period from April 9 to April 17.

But the long waiting period might not be needed, with conditions looking good for the event to take place with weekend at Mitchell’s Wedge (find out more info at the event’s facebook page here).

The event will see competitors slog it out in two heats combining their two best scores to work out the top four and ultimately the winner. Location will be chosen to ensure competitors ability to go big.

In the meantime, Darren Hotker spoke to Duck to find out a little more background on the event.

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Why create this comp?

So we can spin to win on 1ft whitewash haha! The idea was to create an option for bodyboarders to get together and have a bit of fun in a medium that was a bit different and all catch up again. Hopefully it draws in a few crew out of the woodworks from different eras into some decent waves. The primary aim was to honour the four bodyboarders that tragically left us too early and shine some light onto their contribution to bodyboarding in WA. We have a strong crowd and relatively unknown history of bodyboarding in WA. I wanted to try and create something cool that can encapsulate that.

For those unaware who is it named after?

The comp honours Simon Lee, Ross Graffin and Wade and Ryan McCurdy.

Ross Graffin was the first professional bodyboarder out of WA in the early 90s and paved the way for the likes of Nathan Rix, Joey Jordanoff and (Ryan) Hardy, amongst many others. He was instrumental in starting EBB and was really the first guy to push it on the west side.

Simon Lee was a keen and competent bodyboarder from the same generation of 6025 Padbury crew that sprouted Tension. Simon also fronted a sick punk band called Boredumb and was well known in the boogie community.

The McCurdy brothers were part of a slightly different generation and were both solid bodyboarders and cool guys from Mandurah. They both left their mark on the sport in WA.

The death of all these fine gents had an impact on me and countless others in the boogie community over here.

Selection of 24 prone and 10 dropknee invitees is tough How is it going getting that good mix of Young and old crew together?

It’s been really hard to decide on crew and getting them to lock in and commit to the whole waiting period. As I’m pretty old school I’ve tried to get a few old boys to drag their asses off the couch and open it up to friends of the McCurdy’s and Simon. We’ve also tried to include a few of the younger guys and, as it develops, I’m sure more opportunities will open up for the younger crew. The younger generation should know who came before them and the comp is a good opportunity to get all generations mixing it up together. The DK posse has been really receptive of it and hopefully more groms might start throwing the knee up as a result!


An 8 day waiting period and multiple location under the belt to utilise, you must be stoked on it coming to fruition. How do you see this event playing apart in the future of WA boogin?

Yeh, for sure! It’s really great the council have been supportive of having that waiting period as we’ve never had that for a local bodyboarding contest over here before. I’m not entirely sure how it will evolve, that’s the exciting thing i guess. Seeing the idea come to fruition on the day will be epic! I really hope it becomes an annual fixture on the WA bodyboarding scene and helps everyone get together in some good waves.

Any last words/shout outs?

A big thanks to you Daz (Darren Hotker – Good Earth Surf Shop) for all your assistance with getting them comp over the line – it couldn’t have happened without you. Thanks to Riptide for the plug and raising awareness. Also massive props to the event sponsors Good Earth, Reeflex, Grand Flavour and Creatures of Leisure. Support the companies that support bodyboarding! All boogie brethren come and have a look and check for updates on the South West Bodyboard Club Facebook page. Peace out!

Feature image: Could Mitchell’s Wedge play host to conditions like this at the LGM Invitational this weekend? Photo by Ari Wolfl.


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