Waves and good times galore at the 2016 Hardy Supergrom Camp

What happens when you get some of West Oz’s top groms together for a trip to Bali and coaching from none other than style legend Ryan Hardy?

The Hardy Supergrom Camp of course!

Some of the West Coast’s best up and coming shredders, including Lachlan Hearne, Tom Todaro, Brad Harrington, Henry Gibson and Matty Hanks had the rare opportunity to travel to Bali to stay and surf with Mr Hardy.

And by the looks of this epic 10 minute clip, there were plenty of good times had. And yes, the clip features plenty of Hardy shalping harder than ever. Seriously the man is a freak!

Read the story below by Bali Bodyboarding’s Aidan Salmon

The groms. Photo Tom Forward.

Bali Bodyboarding is a world leader in bodyboard coaching and for the last 2 years we have had the added benefit of working in partnership with one of the greatest athletes in the sport, Ryan Hardy. We are open to riders of all ages and abilities to come and improve their bodyboarding and enjoy Bali with us.

Recently we noticed a trend of top level youngsters from all over the world wanting to come and spend at least a day under the tutelage of Hardy and have us (Bali Bodyboarding) show them the best of Bali. So in September 2015 we came up with the idea of inviting Australia’s best under 18s to Bali to train with Hardy for a week of intensive bodyboarding. Knowing that under Hardy’s instruction and with the Grommets own competitive attitudes we would be able to help them reach their true potential faster and they could experience a side of Bali they might not otherwise see.

Lachy Hearne going big at the fun peaks of Canggu. Photo Tom Forward

After many emails and much planning we had our dates set for April 2016  and our crew Lachlan Hearne, Tom Todaro, Brad Harrington, Henry Gibson and Matty Hanks plus our very patient support staff Jamie Ireland and photographer Tom Forward.

 Throughout the course of the week the Super Groms surfed at least twice a day with each session being videoed and then analysed by Hardy back at the Bali Bodyboarding Villa. We surfed all over the island from the ever consistent Canggu to secret spots where they were the only ones in the water. For most of the Groms their favourite session was solid 6 foot Uluwatu on the final day. The perfect left wedges provided the guys with barrels, ramps and carve sections for them to go nuts on. On the two smaller days, Hardy helped refine their contest skills with mock heats and constant feedback on how to improve their competition skills. Our photographer Tom Forward gave the Groms invaluable advice on how to work effectively with a water photographer in order to get the best shots.

Hardy inside a Balinese cavern. Photo Tom Forward.

Between bodyboard sessions the Groms chilled out at the villa, skated the new pump track close to Bali Bodyboarding and spent an afternoon dropping water filled condoms on each other heads (apparently it’s a thing teenagers do). They also got to experience a bodyboarding specific yoga class delivered by our in house yoga instructor Yeni Canelon, had a Indonesian banquet and went for the mandatory shopping spree to Kuta (which resulted in two of the lads getting their hair braided and Jamie getting tasered)!  

Brad Harrington with a flip at Canggu. Photo Tom Forward

As you can see from the photos and video it was a hugely successful camp. We look forward to seeing our Super Groms blowing up this year and turning heads with their riding all over Australia. A big thanks to all the parents without your support this world first for bodyboarding would not have been possible.  If you are a grommet (under 18) and think you have what it takes to cut it on the Super Grom Camp in 2017 then submit your video resume and competition results to[email protected].

Tom Todaro getting slotted. Photo Tom Forward.

 From the mouths of babes – Memorable grommet quotes.

 – “Will that ATM give me Australian dollars?” – Henry Gibson

– “Is this chicken with peanut butter” (satay chicken) – Matt Hanks

– “It’s so glassy it’s annoying  – Matt Hanks

– Are you shooting stills or video (to camp PHOTOGRAPHER Tom Forward) – Henry Gibson 

– “You can’t go on the plane with a wet wetty ay?” – Lachlan Hearne


Matt Hanks races down the line. photo Tom Forward

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