Renan Faccini has built a portable tow-in machine

Yes, you read correctly.

Brazilian style man RenanCrowFaccini has gone and built himself a portable machine that will tow him into waves without the need for a jet-ski.


Gabriel Silva
Renan flying high. Photo Gabriel Silva

The invention – which he has dubbed “The Slasher” – looks to be based on the same idea as a winch but “faster and more powerful,” with Faccini saying it took two years to build.

“This machine is not your normal winch,” Faccini said.

“It’s faster and more powerful and with the Slasher you can do much more on flat days since it’s smaller than a jet-ski.

“You can fit it in the trunk of your car and take it on every trip. If the waves aren’t good it will save the day with big airs.”

Rudolph Lomax 2
The Slasher machine

Has Mr Faccini revolutionised the future of tow-out bodyboarding?

Will the invention catch on?

Watch the clip and decide for yourself.

Filmed by: RAW Filming, Rudolph Lomax, Guilherme Fuark, Fabio Paim

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