More Unadulterated South Coast Shredding in No Brainer Deleted Scenes II

Back in the good ol’ days we had these shiny circular disk things known as “DVD’s” and in these DVD’s held valuable footage of bodyboarding’s finest going HAM at waves all across the world.

Also, as an added bonus, the DVD usually came with a heaps of extras such as alternate sections, rider commentary and deleted scenes.

But you Gen Z’ers probably don’t care for whatΒ us old Gen Y folk have to say and instead stick to your fancy Vimeos and Youtubes.

And since No Brainer – the upcoming film from filming/editing wizard James Kates (aka James Cakes, Jimbo Slice) and The Lab – is going to be released entirely on the world wide web, there is no point of holding on to deleted scenes for the DVD release.

So instead, Katesy has done us all the favour of throwing out his scraps to us, the hungry pack of footage-starved bodyboarders.

Take a look, enjoy, and check out the other deleted scenes here.

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