Michael Novy Talks Us Through The Deepest Barrel Ever Ridden At The Right

And some bonus uncut footage of the wave.

Michael Novy is not one to shy from a challenge, even if said challenge could potentially leave him with severe injuries, or even death.

Luckily, this wave at The Right last year earned him 2000 bones and the title of Nomad Big Wave Awards champion for 2015/16.

We asked Mr Novy to give us a full account of how the wave went down.

Words by Michael Novy | Footage by James Strickland

It was my first time out there and this was just my second wave,” Novy said.

We arrived there at about 3pm and I was first in the water after winning a rock off with Damo (Damian Martin). When this wave came in, (Mark) Matthews (professional big wave surfer) was actually towing for it and he fell off.

Damo turns to me and says, “We’re going,” and I’m like, “Okay, sure.”

I was sitting in the deep water when he started towing me and I hadn’t even seen the swell lump coming in. As he pulled away I looked and realised how far across I was and I thought, “there is no way I am going to make this!

“I actually looked to see if I could straighten out and avoid it, but it was too late by that stage, I was already locked in.”

When I was going down the face it was already kind of barrelling and it felt like it was way ahead of me already. It felt like it was going to wrap straight in and be a massive closeout but the whole thing started throwing out so wide. I was going so fast through it, I have never been towed that quickly into a tube.

I didn’t expect to get much tunnel-vision out there. Everyone I talk to says you feel like you are in the mouth of it but you never feel deep. On that thing I felt like it was one of the deepest puts I’d ever had, especially with the size of the wave.

“I was shitting myself. I thought I was going straight to the bottom.”

I didn’t have one of those big wave pull-suits that everyone had so I just made a makeshift one by getting a normal life vest and cutting the foam in the chest part.

I was just so stoked when I ended up making it out. Everyone was hooting from the channel and saying it was the best wave of the session. I was pretty content after that, even the next day we went back there and I just towed Damo for a couple of hours.

Michael Novy will be competing for a shot to become 2016 ABA Pro Tour champion at the Bodyboard King Northern Beaches Pro on June 24 until June 26.

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