These Fronton King highlights are insane!

We sure are glad to see El Fronton back on the world tour.

After some fun but small opening days (at least by El Fronton standards) the famous Canary Islands wave came to life for day seven of the APB Tour’s Fronton King Pro, with solid six-to-eight foot waves on offer.

And boy was it entertaining.

If you haven’t seen the highlights, stop what you are doing and click play.

For the rest, here is a little rundown of the world title scenarios from APB head judge Craig Hadden now that South Africa’s Iain Campbell was knocked out.

noiain-wallpaperPierre Louis Costes now has 24400 points minimum. And it is his title to lose.

 To beat PLC;

  • Alex Uranga must win the event. If PLC makes the quarter finals then Alex can not win.
  • Both Amaury Lavernhe and Jeff Hubbard still have chances to win he title but it will depend on when PLC loses.
  • But as it stands right now, if Jeff loses before the quarter finals then he will not have enough points to go in front of PLC’s current points.
  • Unless Amaury wins the event he will not have enough points to go in front of PLC’s current points.
  • Everyone knows what they are meant to be doing, and it is now just there as a guide to refer back to.


Tune in to watch the live webcast at

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