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CORE AGE: 15-35
BREAKDOWN: 92% Male / 7% Female

DIGITAL ADVERTISING is the go-to place for all things bodyboarding, including news, video, photos, forums, event information and more. We have just launched a brand new site design and back-end, with a focus on providing the best coverage of the sport, and help drive engagement in the new digital-first age of media.

Unique Visitors: 55,000 p/m

Standard positions:
Leaderboard: 728px x 90px – jpg,png,gif – 50kb max
Medium Rectangle: 300px x 250px – jpg,png,gif – 50kb max

Also available: E-newsletter, Podcast, Daily Frame, Social Integration, Sponsorship.

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The Riptide Quarterly is published 4 times a year on high-quality photo stock. Focused squarely on providing our readers with the best imagery in the world, coupled with a strong, loyal readership base that’s bucking the current trend of falling print sales, the impact of print is stronger than ever.

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