One morning in Cabedelo Beach

Pumping conditions to test a slow-mo camera?Thanks to Timelapse-Media for this slow motion goodness.  FAMILIA PODCASTS EP.05 - Cabedelo Muito Devagarinho from Timelapse-Media...

João Gabriel Profile

João Gabriel riding like a mad man in Chile, Hawaii and Brazil.Who thinks Hawaii is beginning to loose its' place as far as...

James’s Leftovers

James Nymeyer making leftovers look enticing.Leftover footage taken from Rob Sherwood's 'Tales of A Dream' DVD which can be purchased here:

Dallas & Boxy

This time last year.Thanks to Mitch Taylor for clip.

Jerry’s Grom Bash 2012

As promised here's the highlights from Jerry's Grom Bash.Thanks to Simon Heale for the video and all the groms having a dig of...

Just Kine Guys

A point break being dominated by bodyboarders is a non-existant sight in Australia but not in Hawaii.  Namely Kahekili, Kona K, Miles K...

Doug Smith For BioEngineered

Here's a clip of Doug Smith surfing even better thanks to his sponsor, BioEngineered.Thanks to Mitch Payne and

José Otávio Joins Sniper

Jose becomes a crazy lover of waves.What we gathered from the broken translation and caption of this video is that Jose becomes a...

Cade’s Day

Cade shralping his way around Black Rock in a stylish fashion.Getting back to the basics with clean carves and rail to rail surfing...

Tiago Ferreira Indo Holiday

This guys blew us away, not sure how this slipped past but he shreds big time.Watch for his first invert at the 18...

Twenty Twelve

A little wrap up of the notable swells that hit the east coast last year.Thanks to Nathan Anderson for the clip.

Pedro Santiago Resume

Pedro Santiago pulling out every trick in the bag for this clip.  He's not shy on boosting either, this is almost a little...

The Contenders

We know it's between Winny and Hubb but who's going to win? <iframe width="640" height="360" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen> With only four days to go until Fronton...

Morning Peak

Heading to Sumatra with the Science team early last year, Mike Stewart and Tanner McDaniel shared on of the more special sessions of the trip.